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The University College of Engineering commenced in the year 1929 with an intake of 15 students, and Civil Engineering as the course of study. The College moved into the present majestic building in the year 1947 with the Department of Civil Engineering; the College grew from strength to strength and other branches of Engineering commenced later. It has the distinction of being the sixth oldest engineering institution of the country.

Currently, the Department admits 60 candidates for the Under-Graduate programme and 50 for the Post-Graduate Courses each year, and also offers part time Post-Graduate courses for the benefit of working Engineers of the twin cities, admitting 45 candidates annually. The Post-Graduate programmes are offered with specialisation in Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydromechanics & Water Management, and Construction Engineering and Management. The Department has doctoral programmes as well, and has about 25 candidates enrolled.

The Department provides research and consultancy services to various public and private sector organisations, and receives research and modernisation grants from UGC, DST, MHRD, and AICTE. The Department has celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1979 and Diamond Jubilee in 1989. The Platinum Jubilee was celebrated in the year 2004 - 2005.


To be as a leading academic Department on pace with global standards and contribute to the regional growth and meet the Challenges of Civil Engineering Profession.

  1. To produce highly competent and capable professionals to face the challenges and provide viable solutions to Civil Engineering problems
  2. Integration of their knowledge and skills to excel in the profession through continuous learning and contribute to the well being of the society.
  3. To enhance the technical knowledge, research aptitude to serve the society in highly competent manner.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Impart basic knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering.

PEO2: Develop skills to analyse and provide viable solutions to various Civil Engineering problems.

PEO3: Enhance communication skills and encourage team work.

PEO4: Prepare Civil Engineering professionals with zeal for life-long learning, and work for sustainable development of society with ethics.

Head of the Department
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Prof .P.RajaSekhar (Emp. ID- 47018)


Areas of Interests

Water resources engineering, Hydrology and water management, Ground water hydrology, Ground water pollution studies at normal gravities (1g) and enhanced gravities (Ng- centrifuge modeling studies)

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Dr. Kumar Molugaram (Emp. ID- 47020)

B.E.(OU), M.Tech.(JNTU), Ph.D(IITB),

Areas of Interests

Traffic Engineering, Rural roads Development, Highway Material Testing, Pavement Systems Design and Evaluation, Micro-simulation, Optimisation Techniques, Land-use Transportation, Urban Transportation Planning, Behavioural Modeling and Intelligent Transportation.

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Dr. N. Suresh Kumar (Emp. ID- 47021)

B.Tech. (KU), M. E.(Anna U), Ph.D. (IIT B)

Areas of Interests

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Groundwater flow modeling, Free surface flows, Water management, Rural and urban water supply systems, and Environmental Hydraulics

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Dr.V.Bhikshma (Emp. ID- 47019)

B.E.(OU),M.Tech (JNTU), Ph.D(O.U)

Areas of Interests

Structural Analysis and Design, Concrete composites, Bridge Engineering, Reinforced cement concrete, Prestressed concrete, Concrete technology, Earth quake engineering, Repair and Rehabilitation of Structure.

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Dr. M. Gopal Naik (Emp. ID- 47024)

B.E.(OU), M.E.(OU), Ph.D.(IITB),

Areas of Interests

Surface hydrology, Hydraulics, Watershed management, Urban watershed management, FEM application to Water Resources Engineering, remote sensing and Geographical information systems, Global Positioning Systems, Applications in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering.

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Prof .P.RajaSekhar (Emp. ID- 47018)

B.E.(OU), M.E(OU), Ph.D (IITB),

Areas of Interests

Water resources engineering, Hydrology and water management, Ground water hydrology, Ground water pollution studies at normal gravities (1g) and enhanced gravities (Ng- centrifuge modeling studies)

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Prof. K. L. Radhika (Emp. ID- 47029)

B.Tech(JNTU), M.E(OU)

Areas of Interests

Structural analysis and design, and Concrete Technology

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Prof. M. V. S. Sridhar (Emp. ID- --)

B. Tech(JNTU), M. Tech(IIT B), Ph.D(OU)

Areas of Interests

Geotechnical Engineering, Ground Improvement Techniques, Geosynthetics, Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations, Geotechnical investigations.

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Prof. K. ShashiKanth (Emp. ID- 47033)

B.Tech(SVU) ME-CE (UVCE-B), M.Tech- CS(JNTU), PhD (IITB)

Areas of Interests

Surface water Hydrology, mathematical modeling to water resources, ANN and GIS applications.

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Prof. D. Rupesh Kumar (Emp. ID- 47034)

B.Tech(NU), M.Tech(JNTU), Ph.D(JNTU)

Areas of Interests

Design of RCC & steel structures, Finite element analysis, Earthquake resistant design of structures, Structural shape optimization, Bridge Engineering.

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Prof. D. Rajashekar Reddy (Emp. ID- 47032)

B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D(IIT-KGP)

Areas of Interests

Transportation Engineering, Pavement materials, Pavement analysis, Pavement Construction

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Prof. R. Srinivasa Kumar (Emp. ID- 47031)

B.E(OU), ME(MS University of Baroda), Ph.D(IIT-KGP)

Areas of Interests

Transportation engineering, Highway planning, pavement design, evaluation and maintenance, pavement material characterization and statistical analysis of data.

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Prof. D. Annapurna (Emp. ID- 47035)

B.Tech(SKU), ME(OU)

Areas of Interests

Structural analysis and design computer aided analysis, STAAD.PRO

Associate Professors
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Dr (Ms). S.V.S.N.D.L. Prasanna (Emp. ID- 47036)


Areas of Interests

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Drainage Engineering, Irrigation Water Management.

Assistant Professors
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Mrs. P. Anuradha (Emp. ID- 47037)

B.Tech(JNTU), M.Tech(JNTU)

Areas of Interests

Structural Analysis And Earth Quake Engineering

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Mr. R. Rajender (Emp. ID- 47038)

B.E(OU), M.Tech(IISC, B)

Areas of Interests

Structural Analysis

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Dr.Harish Guptha
Areas of Interests

Earth Surface Process and Climate Moderation; Surface Hydrology, Global Bio-geochemical Cycles and Environmental Pollutants in rivers; Urban Water Management

Assistant Professors (Contract)
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Ms. A. Usha Sree (Emp. ID- --)


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Mr. L. Ajay Kumar (Emp. ID- 802115)


Retired Faculty list
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Dr. M. Anjaneya Prasad (Emp. ID- 47016)

B. E. (OU), M. Tech (REC-S), Ph.D.(IITM)

Areas of Interests

Hydraulics, Water Management Systems, Fuzzy logic applications to water resources, Optimization application in water resources

Under Graduate

B.E. (Civil) of four year duration

Post Graduate

M.E. (Civil) with specialisation in Geotechnical Engineering, Hydromechanics & Water Management, Structural Engineering, and Construction Engineering and Management, Infrastructure Engineering and Transportation Engineering, M.E.Mining Engineering. Four semester full time courses, and six semester part time courses

Doctoral Programmes

Ph. D. in Geotechnical Engineering, Hydro Mechanics & Water Management, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, and Remote Sensing.

Research and Development Programmes

The Department of Civil Engineering has sophisticated computational facilities, and expertise in several areas; some of them are listed below.

  • Concrete technology including recycled aggregate concrete, and high performance concrete
  • Finite element analysis
  • Seismic and wind analysis
  • Bridges, shells, folded plates and multi- storeyed buildings
  • Transportation Planning and Modeling, Micro- simulation and GPS applications
  • Geotechnical engineering and geo-textiles
  • Pavement systems engineering
  • Integrated expert systems and fuzzy logic
  • Fuzzy logic and ANN
  • Construction Engineering and management
  • Planning and design of lift irrigation system
  • Planning and design of storm water drainage system
  • Optimization of reservoir releases through fuzzy logic approaches
  • Remote sensing ,GIS and GPS application in Hydrology
  • Ground water pollution studies
  • FEM applications in water resources Engg.
  • Environmental hydraulics, cost-effective technologies for water and waste water treatment.

    The Department acquired the organisational membership of

    • Association of Consulting Engineers (India), Bangalore
    • Indian Concrete Institute, Chennai

    during the current year, to further enhance the interaction with professional engineers.


    The department organizes lectures every week in the Department by eminent professionals for the benefit of students, and faculty interaction.


The Department of Civil Engineering has well equipped laboratories such as

  1. Testing of Materials
  2. Concrete and Structures
  3. Transportation Engineering
  4. Geo-Technical Engineering
  5. Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources
  6. Environmental Engineering
  7. Surveying
  8. Geology and
  9. Computer

The laboratories are upgraded continuously with the state of the art systems in non-destructive testing, health monitoring of structures, materials testing, surveying and geographical information systems. The Department procures grants from the University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry for Human Resource Development (MHRD), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and other agencies in its endeavours to provide quality education and research facilities to the professionals.

The Major equipment available include:
  • Universal Testing Machines of 1.0 MN and 2.0 MN capacity
  • Torsion, Shear, Tension, Compression and Flexural Testing Equipment
  • 1.0 MN loading frame
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Vibration monitoring systems
  • Large Scale Direct Shear Box Testing Unit
  • Triaxial Testing Machine with pore pressure measurement facility
  • Low-Speed short Wind Tunnel of 0. 61m X 0. 61 m
  • Tilting frame of 12.0 m length
  • Nephelometer
  • Total station
  • Automatic Level
  • Latest Software Packages like NISA,NASTRAN, AutoCAD etc.
  • NDT Equipments like Corrosion analyzer, Profometer, Schimdt Rebound hammer and Ultrasonic test apparatus.
  • Dual frequency Doppler Flow Meter
Publications during 2017-2018 Academic Year
Faculty Journals Conferences
International National International National
Prof. M.Gopal Naik (Head) 3 - 2 -
Prof. M. Kumar (Principal) UCE,OU. 5 7 4 -
Prof. V. Bhikshma 2 - 6 2
Prof. M.A. Prasad 6 - - 1
Prof. K.L.Radhika 9 1 1 4
Prof. Rupesh Kumar 10 - 7 2
Dr. M. V. S.Sreedhar 4 - 3 -
Dr. D. Rashekar Reddy 8 - - -
Dr. R. Srinivasa Kumar 2 - - -
Mrs. D. Annapurna 4 1 1 -
Mrs. P. Anuradha 2 - 1 1
Mrs. S. Prasanna 1 - 2 2
Total 56 9 27 12

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