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Central Computing Centre

Phone No: 040-65170010

Central Computing Center (CCC) is created under TEQIP Project during the Academic year 2006-2007 to Provide Central Computing Facilities to the students and the faculty of all the Departments of University College of Engineering.

Facilities available under CCC are as follows:
  • Campus Wide Networking (CWN)
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Server Farm
  • Central Software Lab
  • Internet Lab
  • Central e-class room.

Campus Wide Networking (CWN):

CWN is established with 1Gbps Fiber optics Cable Connectivity to all the Departments and hostels of the engineering college. It is equipped with the high Speed Core Switch (Catalyst 6513), Cisco Firewall ASA 5510, 20 numbers of Distributed Switches (Catalyst 4503, 3560, 500), Cisco Works LAN Management Server (LMS), Access Control Server (ACS), VPN Management Server (VMS). It enables sharing of resource like Journals, Learning Materials, library information Systems and Student Information Systems, Servers and Software of the all the Departments.

Internet Connectivity:

A Bandwidth of 10 Mbps Internet Connectivity has been provided to facilitate 24X7 access to the Internet. The Internet Connectivity with Campus wide Networking enables access from anywhere within the engineering college Campus. The Internet connectivity is extended to Hostels with Wi-Fi Connectivity.

Server Farm:
  • Sun Blade -8000 Server (qty 2) (Web Server and mail Server)
  • Sun fire v440 servers (qty 2) (DNS and FTP)
  • IBM P5 Server for Database
  • EMC NAS Server for Hosting Learning Material
  • Silicon Graphics Prism for Graphics Applications
  • Ten dumb terminals connecting to FTP Server
  • IBM 226 Servers (qty 4)

    1. Access Control server (ACS) for network authentication
    2. Campus Dimension Software Server
    3. Rational rose Software Server
    4. Mathematica Software server

Central Software Lab:

This lab is equipped with 100 desktop systems with access to CWN and the Internet. This lab is meant for the students belonging to all the departments. Lab is kept open between 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. The particular student can access the following software:

  • Rational Rose
  • Mathematica
  • Oracle
  • ICM e-Learning Solutions
  • PROe
  • JAVA
  • C/C++

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