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Biomedical Engineering (BME) constitutes human beings earliest efforts to understand the living world in terms of the basic sciences and to comprehend the body mechanism in terms of their technological creations. Biomedical Engineering involves the study and application of engineering processes for diagnosis and therapy. It is a rapidly changing interdisciplinary domain, in which each branch of engineering interacts with a number of other disciplines to yield a fundamental understanding of health maintenance processes and improved diagnosis, optimal interventional (surgical, therapeutic & rehabilitative) procedures, prosthesis and organ assist systems, health care systems performance and econometrics.
Osmania University is the first University to start Biomedical Engineering at undergraduate level in the country. The course was started in the year 1982 with an intake of 10 students in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering.  An exclusive Biomedical Engineering Department was formed in the year 1993 to give the much needed thrust to Programme. The student intake was enhanced to 30 in the year 1996.The Department moved to its present premises in the year 1997.
The Department has been engaged in research and consultancy projects. It received research grants from various government agencies such as AICTE; UGC, DST, TEQIP (Phase I & II) etc., The Department established a Biomedical Instrumentation centre (BMIC) to cater to the needs of medical profession. The B.E (BME) programme of the department has been accredited by the NBA for the five years with effect from August 2013. A special appreciation was given by the visiting expert team. The faculty members of the department are also active, effective and acknowledged contributors to UPE project of the UGC. The Department has also started Post Graduate program in Biomedical Electronics in the academic year 2006-2007. The total floor space of 10800 sft. houses class rooms, laboratories and other amenities. 

Academic Programs:
Undergraduate:                                               B.E (Biomedical Engineering)
Post Graduate :                                               M.E (Biomedical Electronics)

Doctoral Programs:                                         PhD (Biomedical Engineering)



  • To work conjointly with medical professionals to achieve delivery of quality and affordable health care.


    • To equip students with concepts so that they can apply the basic engineering principles to the medical field.
    • To produce Biomedical Engineers who can serve the medical fraternity in design and development of Medical Equipment, implants, and other devices of immense use to the society.



    • To provide students with sound knowledge in basic sciences, and core Biomedical Engineering subjects.
    • To help the students understand the needs/ problems of the medical fraternity and provide technical solutions.
    • To prepare students to take up challenging careers (hospital/ medical industry/ medical device patent field).
    • To create a platform for students to pursue higher studies and research.


    • To produce graduates who can think creatively and apply the acquired knowledge to develop medical instruments innovatively.
    • To impart skills in trouble shooting and maintenance of medical instruments.
    • To provide exposure to the medical equipment in the hospital environment.


    • To provide good communication skills, professional ethics and team work skills.
    • To promote design skills leading to indigenization of medical instruments and affordable health care.


    • To create a life-long learning environment.
    • To encourage entrepreneurial skills.



    Outcomes Description
    Our graduates will have the ability to demonstrate knowledge of basic sciences and basic engineering subjects
    Our graduates will have the ability to demonstrate knowledge of core biomedical engineering and allied subjects
    Our graduates will have the ability to formulate and solve problems at the interface of engineering and medicine
    Our graduates will have the ability to appropriately use modern techniques, skills, and tools necessary for solving biomedical engineering problems
    Our graduates will have the ability to design systems or devices for medical applications
    Our graduates will have the ability to obtain, analyze, and interpret data from physiological systems
    Our graduates will have the ability to function on multidisciplinary teams, consisting of engineers, scientists and medical professionals
    Our graduates will have the ability to independently acquire knowledge and to communicate their ideas effectively in oral and written forms
    Our graduates will understand the economics, regulations and societal environment of biomedical research or product development
    Our graduates will be able to recognize contemporary issues, professional responsibilities, and ethical responsibilities in biomedical engineering
    Our graduates will understand the need and develop confidence for life-long learning
    Our graduates will have the ability to face and succeed in competitive exams and/or interviews for pursuing higher studies or securing a placement


The curriculum includes the following subjects:   
    • Basic Engineering-science courses like
    • Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry).
    • Engineering courses like
    • Clinical Sciences courses like
    • Biomedical Engineering courses like
    Career Options: After completion of the course, the students may find place in
      • MNC’s like SIEMENS MEDICAL SOLUTIOINS as a Biomedical Engineer.
      • IIT’s or Universities in India/Abroad for Masters Programme or Ph.D programme. 
      • Hospitals as a Biomedical Engineer.
      • KPO (Knowledge Process out Sourcing) based Companies as a Knowledge Scientist.
      • IP (Intellectual Property) field.
      • Society as a good Entrepreneur.
      Field Organizations
      Software Infosys, CTS, Wipro, Deloitte, Intergraph, TCS, Etc.
      Hospitals Kamineni, Global, Apollo, CARE, Medicity, Gandhi, NIMS, Yashoda, Vasan Eye care, Oxygen, rainbow childrens hospital, innova, Galaxy etc
      Medical Device companies Siemens Medical, GE healthcare, L & T medical, Philips medical, BPL medical, Novartis healthcare, Medisun, Pricol medical systems, Jhonson & Jhonson, Covedien - Delhi, Medtronic, Baxter,Boston scientific, Veol Medical Technologies, vTitan Corporation Pvt. Ltd, Relisys Medical Devices Limited , MediVed Innovations Etc.
      Knowledge process Outsoursing based companies & IPR Related field Evalue Serve – Delhi, CPA Global – Delhi, Scitech – Hyderabad,Pangea3 - Mumbai,Dolcera – Hyderabad, Deloitte healthcare consultancy
      Research Opportunities IISC, IIT’s, CSIR institutes, CCMB, IICT, NIMHANS (DRDO), Universities, DEBEL, Many of the universities in abroad are offering research positions in Biomedical Engineering.
      Higher Education India(IIT’, IISC,NIT’s, Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed Universities like MIT, SRM,  VIT, Satyabhama etc,. ) & Abroad(Most of the universities in USA, Germany, Sweden, nether lands, UK, Switzerland offers MS in Biomedical Engineering , and the sample are Georgia, KTH Royal, Wisconsin, Texas, South western Medical center Dallas etc,.
      Public sector  in India HSCC, NIMHANS, HLL, DEBEL, ESI Govt Hospitals, All the government hospitals & Medical Colleges of the state and central government.
      Bar Graph showing the career options in Biomedical Engineering in terms of the percentage of students plased over the last 10 years.