M.A. [English], Ph.D, PGDELT, M.Sc [Psychology]

English Language Teaching/  Training (ELT) Learner Strategies ESL Studies

Mr. C. Venkata Subba Rao. M.A. English
Assistant Professor of English

English Language Teaching/Training (ELT) Communication Skills, Soft Skills Training.

Prof. A. Subba Rao, M.A., Ph.D
Former Head, Dept. of English, Chairman, B.OS &
Director, ELTC. OU.


 Assistent Professor(Contract)

Mrs.Dr. Lakshmi Mantha. M.A.,Ph.D


Mr. Suma Bindu Pothuri. M.A.


Mr.Sameena Fatima. M.A.



The Centre for English Language Training (CELT) was established in 1997 in the Department of English, University College of Engineering, Osmania University. It is a premier institution offering excellent training in English Language Skills, Communication Skills and Personality Development to professionals, students, job seekers and housewives. The Centre has conducted more than 295 batches of training so far.

The chief features of CELT include expert and dedicated facilitators, spacious classrooms with conducive ambience, infrastructure and a state-of-the-art Computer-assisted Language Laboratory.  It also uses aids like video cameras and LCD projectors for imparting requisite skills and knowledge to its participants.

The methodology of teaching at the Centre is interactive and learner-centred. The facilitators keep the participants’ needs in mind and use a wide variety of topics and activities in imparting requisite skills. The Centre is learner-friendly and interactive atmosphere helps the participants in achieving a clear, confident communication and a dynamic personality.


Participants will be awarded a certificate on successful completion of the course.


          • State-of-the art language laboratory
          • Spacious and well-equipped classrooms
          • Movable furniture for various team activities
          • Gadgets like Home Theatre and LCD projector

Language Laboratory

can even monitor the students’ work anytime he/she wishes to do so. This feature CELT has a well-equipped Language Laboratory, which helps learners to gain plenty of practice in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Lab sessions are an effective way of reinforcing the theoretical inputs learners gain in the sessions. The lab operates in an interactive way. The students are guided by the teachers, when they practise various aspects of the language on the Desktop systems. The teacher makes it convenient for both the teacher and the taught to speed up the process of learning.

Courses Offered
The Courses offered at the CELT aim at:

  • Training participants improve their English language skills, refine their communication ability and fine-tune their personality
  • Enabling the participants to express themselves clearly and confidently in various situations.
  • Using a wide variety of approaches and activities to enable participants to achieve a clear communication and dynamic personality which is a   prerequisite for personal and professional success in today’s life.


The following are the Courses offered at the CELT:

  • A Course in English Communication Skills and Personality Development

Course Fee          :  Rs.4000/-

Course Duration     :  2 Months (inclusive of all holidays)

Timings                   : Morning batch: 6.00 am to 8.00 am

Evening batch: 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

  • A Crash Course in English Communication Skills and Personality Development


Course Fee              :  Rs.2,500/-

      Course Duration       :  1 Month (inclusive of all holidays)

      Timings                  : Morning batch: 6.00 am to 8.00 am
Evening batch: 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

  • One Month Course in English Communication Skills and Personality Development for School Students (8th, 9th and 10th)  


Course Fee              :  Rs.2000/-

            Course Duration      :  1 Month (inclusive of all holidays)        

  • One Month Bridge Course in English Communication Skills and Personality Development for Intermediate Students


        Course Fee              :  Rs.2000/-

        Course Duration       :  1 Month (inclusive of all holidays)

The following are the course components of the above courses:

  • Effective Communication
  • Verbal and Nonverbal communication
  • Listening and Pronunciation Skills
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Debates and Group Discussions
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing Skills: Letters, Applications, Resume and E-mail Etiquette
  • JAM sessions and Interview Skills
  • Role-play
  • Soft Skills
  • Personality Development

 A Certificate Course in English for Foreign Students (CCEFS)

The course aims at helping and training the foreign participants to refine their grammar, vocabulary, communication skills and fine- tune their personality. As clear communication and dynamic personality have become prerequisites in this globalized world the foreign participants crave to learn English for personal and professional enrichment and would like to refine their skills which are prerequisites for success in today’s fast paced life.

Students from different parts of the world apply in advance and join the course. Once, they successfully complete the course, they switch to their major. Thus, the course is helpful to most of the foreign students in pursuing their higher studies and preferred careers.

It is a ten month course. As a result, the participants can have enough time to improve their language and communication abilities. They are given certificates after the successful completion of the course.

Course Components

  • Communicative English
  • Listening
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Writing

Duration: 10 months, 4 hrs a day, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)

  • Three day Workshop for Teachers on ‘Enhancing Professional and Instructional Skills’

 The course aims at improving the teaching skills of the teachers so as to perform better in their classrooms.

Course Components

  • Communication and its importance
  • Body Language
  • Pronunciation and its importance in classroom
  • Types of Communication
  • Effective Teaching
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Interpersonal Relations & Strokes
  • Proactive Language
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Hard Work v/s Smart Work
  • Mind Mapping


  • Mnemonics

Course Fee             :  Rs.1500/-

Course Duration     :  3 Days

  • Guest Faculty:
Mr. Yandamoori Veerendranath

Renowned Personality Development trainer

Dr. B. V. Pattabhiram        

Renowned Psychologists &Personality Development trainer                                          

Prof. E. Suresh Kumar     

Renowned Communication Skills & Soft Skills trainer

Dr. V. Nagesh                                  

Renowned Psychologists & Personality Development trainer

Mr. Y. Mallikarjuna Rao

Renowned Handwriting specialist

Mr. M. Nagaraju                                

Renowned Communication Skills and Soft Skills trainer

Dr. B.B. Chary                                  

Renowned Communication Skills and Soft Skills trainer