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Ph. No. 040-27682325

University College of Engineering (A), O.U., has Four (04) Boys Hostels Namely Kinnera Hostel (ECH-I), New Kinnera Hostel, Ganga Hostel and Swarnamukhi Hostel (ECH-II).BE first year & final year students and all the Three years MCA students are accommodated in Kinnera Hostel (ECH-I) and New Kinnera Hostel, whereas BE Second & Third year students are placed at Ganga Hostel. The Swarnamukhi Hostel is meant exclusively for M.E. / M.Tech. Students. We have One (1) Newly Constructed Girls Hostel for all the Engineering and Technology Girl students. All other M.E./M.Tech./MCA Girl students can seek admission in the Girls Hostel situated on the campus near the University Administrative Building.

The following faculty members are the administrative officers for the Hostels and Messes:


Name of the Staff


Telephone No


Prof. Sriram Venkatesh




Prof. P. Chandra Shekar

Vice Principal



Prof. B. Mangu    

Addl. Chief Warden



Prof. K. Saraswathamma

Addl. Chief Warden
Girls Hostel & Mess



Mr. D. Rajasekhar Reddy

Warden,Kinnera Hostel & New Kinnera Hostel



Mr. Dabbu Suman

Mess Warden ,Kinnera Hostel



Dr. L.Siva Rama Krishna




Dr.E. Vidya Sagar




Dr.M.Shyam Sunder

Swamamukhi Hostel Warden




Mess Warden, Girls Hostel




General warden, Girls Hostel



Mr. Md. Misbahuddin

Ganga Hostel Warden



Mr. M. Srinivas

Ganga Hostel Mess Warden





Phone No.

Dr. S. Hari Singh Naik

Chief Warden,  O.U


Prof. B. Rajendra Naik

Dean, Student Affairs, O.U


Dr. E. Sujatha

Public Relation Officer, O.U


Mr. J. Devi Das

S.E (Construction)


Mr. Ramulu

D . E. E


Mr. Venkata Ramana

Asst. Engg


Dr. B. Sathaiah

I/C Chief Medical Officer


O.U Ambulance



O.U Police Station




Emergency Phone Numbers
Osmania General Hospital                          :               24600121
Gandhi Hospital                                          :               27702222
Ambulance                                                  :               27562314
Fire Station                                                 :               55693521


Organisation of Hostels & Messes

Hostels & Messes are under the overall supervision of the Principal. Who is assisted   by Additional Chief Warden, Assistant Chief Warden and a team of Wardens (Hostels and Messes).
Each hostel is directly under the control of the warden (Hostel & Mess) who is the faculty member of the University. The Additional Chief Warden’s Office is located in the College main building, Room. No. 143.

I. Admission and allotment of Accommodation

  1. Admission into the hostels will be made every year.
  2. No Admission without accommodation is permissible.
  3. Students who submit hostel admission form will be consider for admission into Hostel. 
  4. Admission in each hostel will be made strictly according to the actual accommodation available.     
  5. First priority for admission to hostels will be given to SC & ST students from districts based on distance from Hyderabad.
  6. Second priority for admission to hostels will be given to LBC & EPP students and other students.
  7. Students seeking SC/ST/LBC/EBC/Minority Scholarship are required to apply for scholarship through online. 
  8. Application for hostel admission must be submitted in person.
  9. No guarantee on hostel admission is given.  
  10. The allottees must display their names on the door.
  11. Hostel Admission will be given as per availability of accommodation. 
  12. If any boarder creates obstruction in hostel admission process he will not be allotted hostel room.

II. While residing in the Hostel comply with the following:

  1. No admission without accommodation is permissible.
  2. No exemption from payment of Establishment charges is permitted till the admission is cancelled and clearance form is submitted.
  3. No private servants are allowed to work in the Hostels.
  4. The Service of watchman on duty should not be utilised for the personal work by the Boarders.
  5. Unauthorised boarders will endanger conviction under section - 447,448 of I.P.C.
  6. Allotment of rooms will be done by the concerned Hostel Warden as per the rules of Hostel admissions. 
  7. The University shall not be responsible for any theft, loss and damage to the personal belongings of Boarders.
  8. The Electric Heaters, Stoves, Iron and other appliances are strictly prohibited, Boarders found violating rules will be penalised.
  9. Problems of the boarders should be brought to the notice of the higher authorities through the Hostel Clerk/Wardens concerned in WRITING.
  10. If any unauthorized boarder is found in the room the authorised boarder’s admission will be cancelled immediately.
  11. Residents should strictly avoid any arguments with employees. Any complaint against the employees should be made to the Hostel Clerks or Wardens concerned in WRITING.
  12. Each resident-Boarder shall be responsible for the cleanliness of the surroundings/room.
  13. Boarders shall switch off the fans and lights while they are away.
  14. The service of hostel employees should not be utilised by the residents for personal work.
  15. No exemption from payment of Hostel & Mess charges is permitted till the admission is cancelled and clearance form is submitted.
  16. Hostel dues shall be paid regularly; unless the Hostel dues are cleared the hostel admission will not be renewed. 
  17. The mess will be closed for a period not exceeding two months during the annual vacation.
  18. All dishes shall be served and consumed by boarders only in the Dining Hall.

Note: Mess Timings
BREAKFAST               7.30 A.M              to             9.00 A.M
LUNCH                       12.30 Noon         to             2.00 P.M
DINNER                      7.00 P.M              to             9.00 P.M 

  1. The Mess charges will be notified by 10th of the following month. All the resident Boarders shall pay the hostel and mess dues before 20th of each month. If the dues are not paid by 20th of the month their mess facility will be stopped.
  2. Do not keep excess cash in your room keep most of it either in the Post Office or Bank. Lock the door of your room securely. Do not leave your valuables on the table near the window.
  3. Do not stay and go far out into the fields. Do not accompany any stranger.
  4. While in the Hostel be in proper dress and when you go out as well.
  5. Observe all the Hostel Rules as well as the College rules without fail. 
  6. Collect Hostel Identity Card and Mess Card at the time of admission in the Hostel.
  7. Maintain cordial and harmonious relations with roommates and other boarders of the Hostel.
  8. Whenever the Boarder does not want to stay in the hostel he has to obtain clearance certificate from the hostel (otherwise the room rent will be charged). 
  9. Mess bill will be uniform for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The minimum bill shall be charged for full month uniformly.
  10. Parents should see their Wards pay the mess bills regularly (Mess expenditure)   within a fortnight of notification, failing which his/her name will be cancelled from hostel admission.

Note: The Boarders/ Parents needs any clarification may contact Addl. Chief Warden/ Wardens Concerned.

Rules and Regulations of Hostel

  1. Parents/Guardians/Guests/ Friends of the Boarders can visit only during the stipulated timings given below:-
  2. Weekdays:                                    4.00 PM to 7.00 PM
  3. and Public holidays:                    10.00 AM to 1.00 PM

    PM to 7.00 PM

  4. Resident boarders are advised to be in the hostel by 7.00 pm. The warden may, however, at her discretion, permit a boarder to return but not later than 10.00 pm without fail.
  5. No resident boarders shall be permitted to proceed on leave without obtaining the permission of the warden in the prescribed form.
  6. The Boarders, who come to hostel after 10.00 PM and leave the hostel premises after 10.00 PM without prior permission. Appropriate action will be taken against them, who do not take prior permission.
  7. Visitors are allowed in the prescribed timings and shall not be allowed into the rooms.


    1. The Boarders, who want to availing scholarship facilities should apply to the concerned authorities. It may be noted that scholarship forms are to be submitted online to the concerned authority. 
    2. Boarders who are provided Mess and Hostel facility, in anticipation of receipt of amount from Government, will have to pay the entire dues, if the scholarship applications are rejected by the Government / Sanctioning authorities.
    3. The Boarders, who are scholarship holders, should renew their admission into Hostel at the end of each academic year failing which their Hostel and Mess facility will be stopped.
    4. All Scholarships are sanctioned by the Government. The College Office or the University is not responsible if the Government/ any funding agency rejects any scholarship applications.

    Other Important
    Telephone Numbers
    Head, BME Department                                                :27090083 / 27682233
    Head, Civil Engg. Department                                      :27097125 / 27682276
    Head, CSE Department                                                :27097577 / 27682343
    Head, Electrical Engg. Department                              :27098628 / 7682382
    Head, ECE Department                                               :27098213 / 27682277
    Head, Mechanical Engg. Department                          :27097346 27682317 /  27682287
    Public Relation Officer, UCE                                        :27097577 / 27682317
    University Health Centre, OU Campus                        :27682278
    Night Duty Medical Officer                                           :27682351