Research Activities

Department has undertaken extensive consultancy and research programmes in the following major fields:
  1. Waste heat recovery systems.
  2. Metal forming, Moulding and Foundry Technology.
  3. Metal Cutting and machine Tool engineering.
  4. Heat Transfer, Vibrations and Acoustics.
  5. Energy systems.
  6. Robotics, Automation and Controls.
  7. CAD/CAM Applications.
  8. Modeling of Scram Jet Combustors.
  9. Composite Materials.

Typical Research Projects Undertaken are:

    • Technology forecasting of  Fly ash utilization.
    • Mass and Allied Properties of the Flying Objects with high accuracy.
    • Stress analysis of steam turbine and gas turbine components using FEM.
    • Combined cycle power plant efficiency optimization systems.
    • Theoretical and Metallurgical properties of Metal Matrix Composites.
    • Ultrasonic Machining.
    • Electro Discharge Machining.
    • Development of technology for Energy Recovery system.