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Prof. E.Suresh Kumar


Associate Professors

Mr. C. Venkata Subba Rao (Emp. ID- 03046)
 Head & Assistant Professor.  M.A., PGDTE (ELT)

English Language Teaching/Training (ELT) Communication Skills, Soft Skills Training.

Dr. J.Savithri (Emp. ID- 03047)
Assistant Professor.  M.A., PGDTELT.,Ph.D 

English Language Teaching/  Training (ELT) Learner Strategies ESL Studies

 Assistent Professor(Contract)

Mrs.Dr. Lakshmi Mantha. M.A. (Emp. ID- --)


Mr. Suma Bindu Pothuri. M.A. (Emp. ID- --)


Mr.Sameena Fatima. M.A. (Emp. ID- --)



English is an integral part of the Engineering curriculum. It serves as a bridge between the students’ years of formal study before joining Engineering and the professional life during and after Engineering that requires them to use English on a daily basis.


  • To improve the student’s fluency and accuracy in English as much as possible during the period of instruction
  • To develop the student’s ability to hone their existing skills by using effective communication strategies throughout the instruction
  • To provide an orientation to reach the expectation of the university, the college and the faculty both inside and outside of the classroom
  • To prepare students to become more confident and active participants in all aspects of their undergraduate programs

The faculty of English is highly skilled at motivating and inspiring language students. Using tried and tested syllabus, our faculty help students to achieve their potential during the course.

The Department is equipped with excellent learning facilities including a well-resourced computer aided multimedia language laboratory.  In the language laboratory, the students are not only given training in conversational English with emphasis on current usage in natural situations for both academic and everyday uses of English but also in elements of English pronunciation like basic sounds, stress, intonation  and rhythm patterns, which are very important to natural-sounding speech.  It also includes training and practice in the presentation of prepared academic talks.  The focus is not only on fluency but also on clear as well as effective communication.  It also helps students to participate actively and effectively in group meetings, academic discussions, seminars, conferences etc.


1.  Computer-aided Multimedia Language Laboratory
2.  Seminar Library
3.  Communication Lab with T.V; V.C.R; OHP; LCD Projector,Desktop and Laptop Systems 
4.  Audio and Video Learning Resources.

Training programmes / workshops conducted

  • A training programme on “STUDY SKILLS AND PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT” was conducted on 07-01-2006 for the benefit of Engineering students. Eminent trainers and motivators trained the students.
  • The Department of English in collaboration with the Department of Civil Engineering conducted a workshop on “TEACHING AND LEARNING PRACTICES” with financial assistance from TEQIP on 18-04-2006.  Around 100 teachers working in various Engineering Colleges attended this programme.

Distinguished Visitors

  • Mr. George Bishop Jr., Senior English language Fellow, Department of public Affairs, USA visited the Department, interacted with the first year students and gave them some useful tips to improve their communication skills.
  • Ms. Carole Beauclerk, Senior English Language Fellow, Department of public Affairs,  USA visited the Department, interacted with the first year students and gave them some useful tips to improve their communication skills.


Academic Activities of Dr. E. Suresh Kumar during 2008- 09

Research Guidance

  • In addition to teaching and training the students of Engineering of this college, he produced one M.Phil and two Ph.Ds.  in 2008.
  •  Currently 6 Ph.D. and 3 M.Phil Scholars are pursing their research under his guidance in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT)


Honorary Consultancy

  • Evaluating the retraining programme through his research scholars arranged for the English Lecturers of all the Government and Private Aided Degree colleges in A.P. to sharpen their existing skills. It is organized by the Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with the State Department of Cultural Affairs, U.S.A.
  •  Content Developer for Multimedia Course on ‘Communication Skills’ – CDE /A.P. State Council of Higher Education.
  • Member, Editorial Board (English) A.P. State Council of Higher Education.


Guest Lectures

  • Delivered 4 lectures at the U.G.C. Academic staff College, Osmania University.
  • Trained Police Officers of different states at the CDTS, Government of India.
  • Trained Political Heads and Executive Officers at the Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies, Govt. of India.