Fathers Name
Date of Birth  
Residence Address    
H.No; 1-3-176/35/4/3,
Padmashali Colony, Gandhi Nagar
Hyderabad – 500 080, INDIA
Phone   :  040-7530036
Office Address   
Dept. of Computer Science & Engg
University College of Engineering (A)
Osmania University
  Hyderabad – 500 007, INDIA
  Phone:   040-7097577
Email   schandram@osmania.ac.in, schandram@gmail.com

Academic Qualifications        :          

  •   Ph.D (Processing of Read-Only Transactions in Mobile Broadcast Environment), June 2005, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
  •   M.Tech (CSE), 1985, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
  •   B.E. (Electronics & Communication Engg.), 1983, Osmania University, Hyderabad.


  • Working as Professor since June 2005 and Head, Dept of CSE from June 25,2007
  • Workied  as Associate Professor since Sept 1991 to June 2005,Dept. of CSE, OU.
  • Worked as Assistant Professor from Oct 1988 to Sept 1991, Dept. of CSE, OU.
  • Worked as Adhoc Lecturer from Feb 1988 to Oct 1988.
  • Worked as Senior Faculty member from June 1987 to Jan 1988, Computer Literacy Foundation, Hyderabad.
  • Worked as Lecturer, from Nov 1986 to April 1987, CBIT, Hyderabad.
  • Worked as Associate Faculty Member from Feb 1985 to Oct 1986, Indian Institute of Computer Technology, Cochin.

 Contribution to Teaching/Academic Environment/Institutional Corporate Life.

  • Chairman, Board of Studies (Computer Science and Engineering), Osmania University, from 20.7.2004 onwards.
  • In-charge Chairman, Board of Studies (Computer Science and Engineering), Osmania University, from 15.4.2003 To 3.5.2003
  • Chairman, Board of Studies (Autonomous) (Computer Science and Engineering), UCE(A),OU from June 2002 to Dec 2005
  • Co-Coordinator, Project IMPACT SSS, funded by DOE, Govt. of India and World Bank from 1992-2000
  • Additional Controller of Exams (EDP Section), Examination Branch, Osmania University Since Jan 2006
  • Coordinator, MSIT program, in collaboration with  CMU, USA since 2001.
  • Nodal Officer (Technical), TEQIP, World Bank aided project from August 2006 onwards.
  • Director, Central Computing Facility, UCE (A), OU from June 2006 onwards.
  • Special Officer, Internet Centre, UCE(A),OU from June 2006 onwards

Ph.D. Scholars under my Guidance:

  1. Mr Badrinarayana, Security in Grid Computing
  2. Dr G Prasad, Scheduling in Grid Computing
  3. Mr Ahmad Jabas, Routing in Mobile Adhoc Networks
  4. Mr Wael Abdulal , Grid Computing
  5. Ms Bharati Harsoor, Mobile Transactions

Subjects Taught

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Distributed Systems
  • Mobile Computing
  • Grid Computing 

Research Publications:

Sl. No

Name of Author(s)

Title of the article/ paper

Name of the Journal/Conference

Page Nos.


S. Ramachandram

Multimedia Communication Trends

Workshop on Intelligence Networks and Information Superhighways held on 30-9-1995, Hyderabad.

pp 14-17


S. Ramachandram

Real Time Systems -Review

National Seminar on “Computers for National Development”,1985, Cochin



S. Ramachandram

Concurrency Control in Distributed Systems

Workshop of the Indian Database Research Community
May 9-12, 1999, Pune India


dbms/Data/Conferences/ PaniniDBWorkshop-may99/dbworkshop.html


S. Ramachandram,

LK Suresh Kumar

Broadcast Data Delivery in Mobile Computing

CSI National Convention CSI 2002, Bangalore, Oct 29-31




S. Ramachandram,

LK Suresh Kumar,

Prof KV  Chalapathi Rao

Processing Read-Only Transaction in Wireless Broadcast Environment

International Conference in Emerging Technologies,ICET-2003,KIIT,Bhubaneshwar,Dec19-21,2003


S.Ramachandram, K.Rammohan Rao


Issues in Development and Management of Digital Resources

Proceedings of National Conference on Multimedia Technologies and Applications, 9 –10 July 2004, Karunya Institute of Technology, Karunya Nagar Coimbatore – 641 114

pp. 90-101



Prof KV Chalapathi Rao,

Mr Gore Vivek

Consistency and Currency Levels for Mobile Read-Only Transactions

Proceedings of the 12th International conference on Advanced Computing and Communications-ADCOM-2004, Dec 15-18, 2004, Ahmedabad, India.

pp. 379-386


S Ramachandram

Mr Rajendram

Design and Implementation of Portable Smart Card Operating System Using Hardware Abstraction Layer

Proceedings of International Conference on Systems, Cybernetics, and Informatics-ICSCI 2005, Jan 6-9,, 2005, Hyderabad, India.

pp. 509-513


S Ramachandram

Mr Rajendram

Design and Implementation of Smart Card File System

Proceedings of the National Conference on Networks and Distributed Systems, Networks-2005,25-26 Feb 2005

pp 237-241


S Ramachandram

M V Narayana

M Badri Narayana

PKI Model for an Organization

Proceedings of International Conference on Systems, Cybernetics, and Informatics ICSCI 2004 ,Hyderabad, Feb12-15,2004

pp 509-513


S. Ramchandram

P. Sateesh Kumar 

A. Nagaraju.


Effect of Zone Radius on the Performance of Zone Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

National Conference on Mobile Computing, Erode, Dec 2004.

pp 174


S Ramahandram

Jayesh Aurangabadkar

Dynamic Scheduling-An Experiment with PVM

International Conference on Current Trends on Information Technology, Oct 1-3, 2005,SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram

pp 311-313


S Ramahandram

Jayesh Aurangabadkar

Distributed Dynamic Scheduling-An Experiment with PVM

Third International Conference on Innovative Applications of Information Technology for the Developing World-AACC 2005, Khatmandu, Nepal, Dec 20-12, 2005.

Proceedings printed but not received


P. Sateesh Kumar

S. Ramachandram

C. R. Rao

Impact Of Node Mobility And Network Size On The Performance Of Zone Routing Protocol In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Proceedings of ObCom-2006 International Conference on Mobile, Ubiquitous & Pervasive Computing, December 18-19,  organized by School of Computing Sciences, VIT, Vellore Institute of Technology Deemed University Vellore - 632 014, TamilNadu, India

pp 170-175, Volume I


A Nagaraju ,       S Ramachandram, C R Rao

Routing In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks By Applying Heuristic

Techniques to Reduce Broadcast

Proceedings of ObCom-2006 International Conference on Mobile, Ubiquitous & Pervasive Computing, December 18-19, organized by School of Computing Sciences, VIT,

Vellore Institute Of Technology
Deemed University
Vellore - 632 014, TamilNadu, India

pp 3-6, Volume II


S.Ramachandram, Bharati Harsoor

Mobile Transaction Processing Model Using Multi Agents

National Conference on Advanced Computing and Computer Networks -NCACCN 2007, March 9-10, 2007, Ahmednagar, Maharastra

Proceedings printed but not received


P. Sateesh Kumar


C. R. Rao

An Efficient Dynamic Data Scheduling Policy   for Ad Hoc Networks

International Conference on
Advanced Computing and Communication -ICACC 2007, February 9th & 10th 2007, Pulloor, Tamilnadu

pp 627-630



A Nagaraju ,       S Ramachandram, C R Rao

Simulation of Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks By Applying Heuristic

Techniques To Reduce Broadcast

The 2007 International Conference of Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (ICCIIS 2007), 2-4 July, 2007, London, U.K.


P. Sateesh Kumar and S.Ramachandram

Performance Studies on the various Routing Protocols in Ad-hoc Networks"

International Journal of Scientific Computing

Vol 2, No1, Jan-Jun 2008,

Pp 71-79.


A.Nagraju, Dr S.Ramachandram, Dr C.R.ao “

Highly Dynamic Multi Criteria Agent Based Routing        For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks  

the 3rd Indian International Conference on Artificial Intelligence  (IICAI-07) Pune, India.



Dr S.Ramachandram, Dr C.R.Rao

Highly Dynamic Distance Sequence Vector routing       with multi value unified vector routing for mobile ad-hoc network

 In the proceedings of Second  International conference on “Embedded System and Mobile Communication”, Organized by PESIT      Banglore. 3rd- 5th August, 2007, Bangalore India


A .Nagaraju


Fuzzy cost based Multi path routing for Mobile Ad-hoc         NetworkS

 Accepted for publishing in the proceedings of 7th IEEE International Conference on       Computer and Information Science (ICIS 2008), sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and ACIS, May 14th to 16th, 2008, Marriot Portland City Center, Portland, Oregon, USA  


Ahmad Jabas, Garimella Rammurthy, Sirandas Ramachandram




Proposing an Enhanced Mobile Ad Hoc Network Framework to the Open Source Simulator NS2

Mosharaka International Conference on Communications, Computers and Applications - WCMC: Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Amman,– Jordan,7-9 August 2008


Peddoju Sateesh Kumar, S.Ramachandram,

The Performance Evaluation of Genetic Zone Routing Protocol for MANETs


IEEE conference TENCON 2008,November 18-21, 2008,Hyderabad, India.


Syed Mohiuddin, T. Eshwar and S. Ramachandram

A Survey of Constraint Databases

INDIACom – 2008,08th – 09th, February, 2008.

Lectures Delivered at Tutorials/Workshops:

Sl. No.

Lecture delivered


Name of the workshop/Conference/Tutorial


Tutorial on Web Protocols


S. Ramachandram

National Workshop at IETE , Hyderabad held on 25-9-1998.


Design Patterns

S. Ramachandram

Workshop on OOAD MJCET, Hyderabad


Mobile TCP/IP

S. Ramachandram

National Workshop on Mobile Computing April 8-10,2003,MJCET,Hyderabad



S. Ramachandram

Object Oriented System Development OOSD-2003,Nov 7-8,Vasavi Engg College, Hyderabad


Mobile Computing: Issues

S Ramachandram

Pre-Conference Tutorial on Mobile Computing, Adhyayan-2004,Andhra Mahila Sabha School of Informatics, Hyderabad, July 01,2004


Socket Programming

S Ramachandram

Short Term Intensive Course on "Computer Networks", June 16-21, 2003, at CVR Engineering College, Ibrahimpet, Hyderabad


Mobile Computing,- Issues

S Ramachandram

One-day Symposium on Network Programming and Mobile Computing , March 10, 2006 at Pragati Maha Vidyalaya, PG College,  Hyderabad


Mobile IP Mobile TCP(Nov 10, 2004)

Mobile Transaction Models (Nov23, 2004)

S Ramachandram


3-Week Refresher Course on Mobile Computing (8th to 30th Nov 2004), UGC-Academic Staff College, JNTU, Hyderabad



IEEE 802.11 and Mobile IP

S. Ramachandram



AShort Term Course on Data communications for ECIL Engineers, ECIL, Hyderabad


Unix File System

S Ramachandram

Srinidhi College of Engineering, Refresher Course for Lecturers of Engineering Colleges.



S Ramachandram

A Short Term Training Programme  18th-22nd June,2005

on OOAD & UML, Srinidhi College


Mobile Transaction Models (November

23, 2004)


S Ramachandram

3-Week Refresher Course on Mobile Computing (8th to 30th Nov 2004), UGC-Academic Staff College, JNTU, Hyderabad



S Ramachandram

A short Term Training Program 18th-22nd June,2005On OOAD & UML, KITS, Singapur, Huzurabad, Karimnagar (District), AP, India


JDBC, Servlet Programming

S Ramachandram

A Short Term Training Program WEB TECHNOLOGIES

(27th Jan. to 17th Feb. 2006), UGC-Academic Staff College, JNTU, Hyderabad



S Ramachandram

TCS Training Programme, April-May, 2006, University College of Engg, Osmania University


Data Communication and Networks

S Ramachandram

Wipro Training


Computer Networks- An Overview

S Ramachandram

Workshop on Network Protocols and Security, Aug 18-20,2005, Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science, Hyderabad.

  Middleware RPC S Ramachandram 5-day Workshop on Network Programming (December 4 – 8, 2006) under TEQIP Joint Networking Activity, organized by Dept. of CSE, JNTUCEH & Dept. of IT, SNIST


Mobile and Adhoc Networks  and its Challenges

S Ramachandram

A Two- Day Seminar on Mobile & Pervasive Computing, organized by CSE Dept. on 24th and 25th Nov 2006, PDA Engineering College, Gulbarga, Karnataka


Workshop on Grid Computing

S Ramachandram

K.Rammohan Rao


CVR College of Engineering during Ciencia-2007,

March 8, 2007


R&D Project:

Name of PI

Title of the project

Funding Agency

Amount of Grant


S Ramachandram

Distributed Scheduling in Parallel Virtual Machine(PVM) of Linux


3.0 lakhs


Consultancy Work:

Name of the Coordinator

Title of the Project

Cost of the Project

Period of the Project

Prof KV Chalapathi Rao


5.0 lakhs


Books Authored:

1.      Dr S. Ramachandram, Prof KV Chalapathi Rao, Software Engineering and Object Oriented Software Development, PGRR  Centre for Distance Education, Osmania University

2.      Dr S. Ramachandram, Prof KV Chalapathi Rao, Operating Systems, PGRR Centre for Distance Eeducation, Osmania University

Seminars / Conferences / Symposia / Workshops attended:

 Sl No

Name of the Seminar/ Conference/ Symposium/ Workshop

Name of the Sponsoring Agency and Place



Workshop on Industry Oriented Software Engineering and E-Commerce

Infosys & IISC, Bangalore

Sept 29, 99 To Oct 1, 99


Workshop on Recent Advances in Databases

PSPL, Pune

9-12 May 1999

3. Seminar on Java and CORBA IETE, Hyderabad Sept 25, 98


Workshop on Internet Connectivity

University of Hyderabad

May 4, 96


Workshop on Intelligent Networks and Information Super Highways

Dept. of CSE, OU

Sept 30, 95


Workshop on Computer Networks


April 9-10, 92


Workshop on Mobile Computing and Formal Methods

University of Hyderabad

15-19 2001


MERG – International conference on Current Trends of Information Technology

SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram

1-3 Oct 2005


ICSCI-International Conference on Systems, Cybernetics and Informatics-2005

Pentagram Research Centre, Hyderabad

6-9 Jan 2005



IEEE,ACS,CSI, Ahmedabad

Dec 16-18,2004


International Conference on Emerging Technology,ICET-2003

KIIT, Bhubaneswar

Dec 19-21,2003


CSI National Convention CSI 2002, Bangalore



Oct  29-31,2002

 Courses Attended:

Sl No



Conducted by

1.        Business Information Systems  22 June –31 July 1992 IIT, Bombay


QIP Course on Software Engineering

14-19 Dec 1993

IIT,  Kanpur


Database Management Systems

21 June- 31 July 1994

IIT, Bombay


Network Programming and Distributed Components using Java

6-17 July 1998

IIT, Bombay


System Installation and Administration on Intranet

15-26 Feb 1999

IIT, Bombay


Mobile Computing

9-13 July, 2001

IIT, Bombay


OOAD Using UML & Rational Rose

21-25 Jan 2002

Rational Corp


MSIT Programme-Mentors Training Workshop on Networking

17-23 Sep, 2000

APSCHE, Govt Andhra Pradesh


Computer Training Program

26 Sept- Oct 5 1988

PSI Data Systems, Bangalore


Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes and their Applications

19 Nov – 22 Dec  2001

NERTU, Osmania University, Hyderabad

Courses conducted:

  • UNIX,C and C++
  • Unix Network Programming
  • Internet & Java Programming

Certificate of Appreciation:

  • Letter of Appreciation from the Convener, MCACET 2000, for computerizing the results of MCACET Entrance Examination, 2000.

Other Experience:

  • Played an important role  in planning, procuring, installing and maintaining the computer lab.
  • Project Member, KNETS Project – A consultancy project from Frontier Info. Tech.
  • Computerized the results processing of MCACET-2000.
  • Co-chair, Tutorials Committee, NETWORKS 2005, National Conference on Networks and Distributed Systems, 25th and 26th February 2005

Professional Memberships:

  • Member IEEE
  • Senior Member CSI
  • Fellow IETE
  • Member ACM
  • Place: Hyderabad

    Date: 16-03-2007.                           (S. RAMACHANDRAM)
University College of Engineering ,Osmania University