Research Activities

Research programme leading to Ph.D. degree was initiated a few years after the PG programme. Excellent interaction exists between the Department and R&D organizations and software development establishments in the twin cities. Keeping in view the areas of specialization of the faculty and the excellent environment for software development in and around Hyderabad, the following areas have been identified for research leading to M.Tech / Ph.D. degrees:

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Fault Tolerant Systems, Grid Computing , Image Processing, Information Retrieval Systems, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, Network Security, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Real Time Systems, Text Mining and Web Mining.

The following students were Awarded Ph.D. in the year 2011 - 2012: Name Title Guide
1 Mr.Ahmad Jabbas

Key Management in Mobile Adhoc Network through Traffic Mining

2 Mr.Siddartha Ghosh

Automated Essay Grading

Prof.S.Sameen Fatima
3 Mr.Salman Abdul Moiz

Transaction Management in Mobile Environments

Prof.Lakshmi Rajamani
4 Mr.M.V.Vijaya Sardhi

An Empirical Analysis of Matrics for Object Oriented Design Complexity

5 Mr.Suresh Pabboju

An Integrated Approach for Efficient Content - based Image Retrieval

Prof.A.Venugopal Reddy
6 Mr.P.Sateesh Kumar

Genetic Zone Routing Protocol - A New Multipath Routing Protocol for MANETs

7 Mr.A. Nagaraju

Reduced Reductant Broadcasting in Mobile Adhoc Networks

8 Mr.P.Sammulal

Performance Improvement in a Multi Cluster using a Modified Scheduling and Global Memory Management with a Novel Load Balancing Mechanism

Prof.A.Vinaya Babu
9 Mrs.D.Ratna Deepthi

Automatic Pattern Recognition for Applications in Image Processing and Robotics

Prof.Kumar Eswaran
10 Mr. Omar Al Jadaan

Non Dominated Ranking Genetic Algorithm for Engineering Optimization

Prof.Lakshmi Rajamani