Latest Conferences-Workshops


Latest Conferences-Workshops

4-Day Short Course on Advances in GNSS Technologies & Applications during 16-19 August 2018 & One Week School On Advanced GNSS Signal Processing during 20-25,August 2018... Read more.. (Updated On 19-07-2018,12:30 PM)

Short Term Cource On "ENGINEERING RESEARCH METHODOLOGY" during 18-22 June 2018. Read More.. (Updated on 11-06-2018. 05:00 PM).

One Week Faculty Development Program On Principles of GNSS, Applications and Research Areas during 04-09 June 2018. Read More.. (Updated on 11-05-2018. 12:30 PM).

One Day National Workshop On Current Trends in Construction Engineering & Management Practices (CTCEMP-2018) during 31st May 2018..Broucher.. Cover Letter..(Updated On 03-05-2018,01:30 PM)

Two Day National Seminar on Internet of Things (IOT) and Data Analytics during 23-24 March 2018. Read More.. (Updated on 20-03-2017,06:00 PM).

National Conference on Advanced In Mechanical Engineering & Nanotechnology (AMEMNT-2018) during 29-30 June 2018..Read more.. (Updated On 20-03-2018,06:00 PM)

One Day Seminar of the Occasion of "World Water Day Nature of Water" during 22nd March-2018. Read More.. (Updated on 09-03-2017,01:30 PM).

One Day National Seminar on Surface Coating Technologies during 16th March 2018..Read more (Updated On 19-02-2018,05:15 PM)

Two Day National Conference On Advanced Computing Applications in Civil Engineering (ACACE-2018) during 20-21 April-2018. Read More.. (Updated on 24-01-2017,05:30 PM).

One Day National Workshop on Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures (RRS-2018) during 28 Feb 2018..Brochure, Covering Letter, (Updated On 04-01-2018,06:00 PM)

OU Centenary International Conference and Tutorials of ECE on " Electronics and Communication Technologies: Learning From Past & Towards Future" (OU100ECE Conference) During 28-30 Dec 2017.Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4, Page5 (Updated on 22-12-2017,03:30 PM).

One week GIAN short term Course on "HIgh voltage gain soft - switching advanced current-fed technologies for microgrid and electric transportation" during 18-23, December 2017. .Page1 , Page2 (Updated On 17-11-2017,01:00 PM)

One Week School On GNSS SIGNAL PROCESSING (GNSS-17-SR) During 04-09 Dec 2017.(Updated on 30-10-2017,05:45 PM).Read more..

2nd International Conference On "INNOVATIONS IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING (IC-ISE-2017)" during 29-31 December 2017. Read more.. Website...(Updated On 17-10-2017,3.15 PM)

Twenty nine days GIAN course on "Nonlinear Dynamics of Classical Magnetic Systems"  at ECE, UCE, OU.(Updated on 26-09-2017,04:30 PM).Read more..

One Week School on "GNSS Signal Processing" during 23-28, October 2017 . Read More..(Updated On 21-09-2017,5.00 PM)
Theree day Cource on "GNSS Technologies and Its Applications" during 20-21, October 2017. Read more..(Updated On 21-09-2017,5.00 PM)
One day Symposium on "Opportunities, Challenges and Trends in Navigational Technologies" during 5th September 2017 Read More.. (Updated On 29-08-2017,5.30 PM)
One day workshop on design & analysis of mechanical systems during 31st August 2017. Read more..(Updated On 26-08-2017,3.00 PM)
OU Centenary International Conference of ECE (OU100ECE) on Electronics & Communication Technologies Learning from Past & Marching Towords future During 29-30 December 2017. Read More.. (Updated On 21-08-2017, 5.30 PM)
Three day Faculty Development Program / Workshop on "MATHEMATICS FOR RESEARCHERS IN CRYPTOGRAPHY" during 20-22 July 2017, organized by CSE department, UCE, OU. Read more.. (Updated on 17-06-2017)
Three day Workshop for Mathematics for Researches in Croptography April 17-19, 2017. Read More. (Updated On 10-04-2017)