The Department of Civil Engineering has well equipped laboratories such as

  1. Testing of Materials
  2. Concrete and Structures
  3. Transportation Engineering
  4. Geo-Technical Engineering
  5. Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources
  6. Environmental  Engineering
  7. Surveying
  8. Geology and
  9. Computer

The laboratories are upgraded continuously with the state of the art systems in non-destructive testing, health monitoring of structures, materials testing, surveying and geographical information systems.  The Department procures grants from the University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry for Human Resource Development (MHRD), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and other agencies in its endeavours to provide quality education and research facilities to the professionals.

The Major equipment available include:

    • Universal Testing Machines of 1.0 MN and 2.0 MN capacity
    • Torsion, Shear, Tension, Compression and Flexural Testing Equipment
    • 1.0 MN loading frame
    • Impact Testing Machine
    • Vibration monitoring systems
    • Large Scale Direct Shear Box Testing Unit
    • Triaxial Testing Machine with pore pressure measurement facility
    • Low-Speed short Wind Tunnel of 0. 61m X 0. 61 m
    • Tilting frame of 12.0 m length
    • Nephelometer
    • Total station
    • Automatic Level
    • Latest Software Packages like NISA,NASTRAN, AutoCAD etc.
    • NDT Equipments like Corrosion analyzer, Profometer, Schimdt Rebound hammer and Ultrasonic test apparatus. 
    • Dual frequency Doppler Flow Meter