Future Programmes

The Department is planning to extend the research activities in future on various aspects of advanced and interdisciplinary areas like  fuzzy logic, wind analysis, expert systems, and finite element analysis, nanotechnology, micro-simulation and some experimental investigations in concrete technology. In addition to these the investigations are planning in other areas like environmental pollution, geo-textiles, flood forecasting, water resources management, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, transportation planning and modeling, micro-simulation and GIS & GPS applications in Transportation Engineering and water resources Engineering.

Research programmes in remote sensing, structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, fuzzy logic, machine foundations, pre-stressed concrete, recycled aggregate concrete, solid waste management, and planning of flyovers will be taken up in the next few years. Temperature controlled laboratory to study the behavior of various structural materials and members at high temperatures will be developed.

Laboratory with heavy duty test floor for large structural components and models will also be developed for static, cyclic and dynamic loads. Environmental studies, water resources management, irrigation, waste water treatment, water management with particular reference to drip and sprinkler irrigation, Geo-informatics and computer applications in civil engineering are some more areas of future research in the Department to meet the future challenge.