Research Interest/Specialization

Prof. A. Panasa Reddy. (Emp. ID- 32072)
Ph.D . Head

Physical Chemistry Solid State ElectroChemistry and Corrosion Science

Assistent Professers(Contract)

Research Interest/Specialization

Ms.V. Vani. (Emp. ID- --)


Ms.G.Sujatha. (Emp. ID- --)


Ms.Sreedevi. (Emp. ID- --)


Ms.P.Reshma Reddy. (Emp. ID- --)


Research Activities:
The Faculty is actively involved in guiding Research work leading to Ph.D in the field of Electrochemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Photochemistry and UV-VIS Spectrophotometry and also Enantiomeric separation by HPLC method.

Prof. B.Satyanarayana has produced 4 Ph.D’s and has got 30 papers to his credit. Presently 6 scholars are working for their Ph.D programme under his guidance.

Prof. P. Yadagiri Swamy has produced 15 publications and presently 6 scholars are pursuing their Ph.D’s programme under him.

Prof. A. Panasa Reddy has produced 18 publications to his credit and presently    3 scholars are pursing their Ph.D programme under him.