Centre for Energy Technology

Main Activities:

  • To undertake research and development projects in the field of Solar, Thermal / Solar Photovoltaic, Wind Energy, Mini-Micro Hydel, Biomass Energy, Clean Coal Technologies and Ocean Energy Technologies.
  • Design of energy efficient systems for industrial sector.
  • To identify the technology gap between developed and developing countries in the Energy Sector and suggest appropriate measures.
  • To undertake joint projects for technology development with R&D industry and Government Agencies.
  • Programme for Energy Audit and Energy Conservation Studies.
  • Biomass production, utilization and conversion technologies
  • To undertake design and commissioning of Wind Power Plant and optimisation studies
  • Identification, planning and implementation of Rural Energy Programmes.
  • To undertake R&D projects in the area of Environmentally and provide advice to industry benign  Clean Coal Technologies with IGCC, CFBC etc.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports and Plant specification
  • Organization workshops, training programmes, seminars, symposia and conferences.

Educational Programmes:
Centre proposes to offer following courses for University / College students:

  • Advanced energy systems
  • Waste heat recovery and co-generation
  • Thermal energy storage and recovery
  • Bio-mass gasification / Combustion
  • Energy and environment
  • Power Plant performance Monitoring & Testing
  • Energy efficient systems
  • Economics of energy
  • Energy for rural development
  • Sources and uses of electricity
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Role of energy in contemporary society
  • Energy management/Energy conservation
  • Energy resources and utilization
  • Clean Coal Technologies and CDM