Center for Creative Technologies

Projects Developed by B.E. 3/4 students

University College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad

The following projects are developed with Centre for Creative Technologies, University College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad-500007, India

Project #1.
Title: Design and Development of Pick and Place Robot
Team Size: 3 (D.Srinivasa Rao, E.Shashank, P.Harshitha)
Year: 2003-2004
With the available recourses in the college, developed a 3-degree of freedom articulated robot with arm. The controlling of the manipulator is done by using 8085-microprocessor kit, which are open loop control system. Tested for effective operation of the robot. The application of this robot in particularly in manufacturing industries to reduce the production time, which helps to do precision work more accurately.

Project #2.
Title: Computer Aided Modelling and Analysis of Standard Electronic Cabinet.
Team Size: 2 (N.Indersen, J.Kalyan)
Year: 2003-2004
It consists of various section elements such as angle sections, c-channel, base frame section, etc., It is designed to withstand self weight as well as loads coming over it. This project is developed by using FEA and NISA package.

Project #3.
Title: Software Developed for Heat Transfer Analysis
Team Size: 2 (Katyayani Sidgam, Santhosi)
Year: 2005-2006
This software is developed for heat transfer analysis of unsteady state condition, by using C-Language. This software is suitable for fin analysis.

Project #4.
Title: Autonomous vehicle for image capture
Team Size: 3 (C.Pavan Kumar, Shylendra, Adarsh Reddy)
Year: 2006 – 2007
This is fully autonomous vehicle and connected with Wi-Fi technology to the control room and this is very useful for investigation purposes where a man cannot enter (hidden places, bushes, thick forest, etc) to find the details unknown place(s)/zone(s). It has a cam & recorder with that it capture images from the hidden places and send it directly to the control room, where we can analyze to take proper decisions             

Project #5.
Title: Remodelling the aero dynamics design of the F-1 car
Team Size: 2 (Mohd. Ziaulla, Yasmeen Fathima)
Year: 2007-2008
This project is mainly deals with Centerline Downwash Generating concept which involves major dimensional changes and introduction of split rear wings. The main criteria behind the rule is to allow the chasing car to produce less drag and more downward force making overtaking a passion in F-1.

Project #6.
Title: Pre-heating of an I.C.Engine to eliminate cold start ignition problems.
Team Size : 1 (V.V.Ravi Kiran, Raju)
Year : 2007-2008
This project is to reduce the effect of cold start by increasing the temperature of the engine (in the cylinder) before the ignition of the fuel is initiated.  This can be done by inducing current in the engine cylinder and creating heat equal to i2rt which increases the temperature inside the engine cylinder. This process simulates the condition of engine which it would attain after 2-3 minutes of working.