Research Activities

           The faculty of the department is actively involving in research activities in collaboration with various organizations such as EMRI, NIMS and NERTU. The department along with the various other departments of Osmania University is part of UPE project. The Department has close clinical interactions with many local hospitals. This led to the development of a number of medical instruments of immediate use to doctors. For instance, the departmental staff has successfully modified electro medical equipment such as bedside monitors, blood-gas analyzers and auto analyzers of corporate hospitals. The staff has designed and developed computer-assisted prescription system (CAPS) that caters to the needs of doctors at primary health centers and district hospitals, helping them in the diagnosis and treatment of about 100 common diseases that afflict the national populace. The staff has also successfully developed import-substitute instruments such as peripheral nerve stimulators, apnea monitors, bone growth stimulators and dry steam sterilizers. The Department operates an electro-oculographic laboratory at the Nizams institute of medical sciences, as well as a biomedical instrumentation centre for serving complex medical equipment. The Department has designed and developed a microcontroller based saccadic stimulator for the department of clinical therapeutics and pharmacology, Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad. Vacuums/Pressure monitoring systems were also developed for Department of plastic surgery Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS), Hyderabad. Department has identified several thrust areas such as Biomedical signal & image processing, Nano technology, and Medical Instrumentation towards research, based on the need of medical fraternity keeping in view of affordable health care delivery in an effective and efficient manner. The faculty members of the department are working in the following areas of Research.
1. GPS-GPRS based emergency patient transportation system and evaluation of physiological parameters
2. Deep Brain Stimulation as a therapy of Parkinson’s disease
3. EOG signal analysis for the Diagnosis of various ocular disorders
4. Analysis of Sleep EEG for the diagnosis of neurological disorders
5. FDTD analysis of Medical Images
6. Hyperthermia application of Nano materials for the cancer therapy.
7. ECG analysis by using wavelets transforms
8. Independent Component analysis of Physiological signals
9. Syncope detection technique in emergency
10. Non invasive beat to beat BP monitoring system by using PWTT

The research contribution made by the faculty has been commendable in terms of the publications and patents applied. 

  1.   Research/Consultancy Projects: 

S. No

Title of the Project



Funding Agency

Quantum of Funds (Lakhs)


Hyperthermia application of Nano materials for cancer therapy



(UPE status)



Preliminary Modeling of Pseudolite Based Tracking System Errors and Optimization of its Configuration

1st Feb, 2010

31st March 2012




Modernization of electro physiological laboratory


March 2011




Sleep EEG analysis for detection of neurological disorders




Proposal of 20 Lakhs

  1. Laboratories of the department:

The department has well equipped Laboratories

    1. Biomedical Equipment Lab/Medical Instrumentation Lab
    2. Medical Sensors Lab
    3. Biomedical Signal Processing Lab
    4. Electronics Lab
    5. Medical Embedded systems Lab
    6. Computer Programming Lab