"Quality Improvement Program (QIP) of AICTE"

QIP-2018 (Sponsored By: AICTE, New Delhi ) (Admission Co-ordinated By: IIT Delhi)
Ph.D  Admission 2018-2019 under QIP-2018. Read More on (http://qip.iitd.ac.in/qipadm2017/)..
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(Minimum Teaching Experience Required is 3 Years for Ph.D. Programme )

Website (http://qip.iitd.ac.in/qipadm2017/) will be opened for New Registration on September 01, 2017.
The last date for New Registration is October 06, 2017 till 17.00 hrs.

New Registration website link :- http://qip.iitd.ac.in/qipadm2017/loginact.html


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