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Full Report

Sanctioned (Approved) Intake
Academic Year 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15
UG [4 Years Program(s)]: Sanctioned (approved) students intake 320 320 320 320 --- ---
PG [2 Years Program(s)] 319 319 --- --- --- ---
Total Actual Student Strength (Program(s) Offered by Your Institution)
(All programs of all years) No. of Male Students No. of Female Students Total Students Within State (Including male & female) Outside State (Including male & female) Outside Country (Including male & female) Economically Backward (Including male & female) Socially Challenged (SC+ST+OBC Including male & female) No. of students receiving full tuition fee reimbursement from the State and Central Government No. of students receiving full tuition fee reimbursement from Institution Funds No. of students receiving full tuition fee reimbursement from the Private Bodies No. of students who are not receiving full tuition fee reimbursement
UG [4 Years Program(s)] 816 543 1359 1201 56 102 592 609 486 0 10 705
PG [2 Years Program(s)] 412 256 668 655 0 13 78 492 539 0 0 31
Placement & Higher Studies

UG [4 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students intake in the year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students admitted through Lateral entry Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2014-15) 320 300 (2015-16) 32 (2017-18) 314 272 590000 (five lakhs ninety thousand) 40
(2015-16) 320 282 (2016-17) 32 (2018-19) 310 278 605000 (six lakhs five thousand) 32
(2016-17) 320 285 (2017-18) 32 (2019-20) 312 269 660000 (six lakhs sixty thousand) 41

PG [2 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students intake in the year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2016-17) 311 311 (2017-18) 162 47 590000 (five lakhs ninety thousand) 5
(2017-18) 311 311 (2018-19) 164 82 701000 (seven lakhs one thousand) 4
(2018-19) 319 299 (2019-20) 162 54 750000 (seven lakhs fifty thousand) 4
Ph.D Student Details

Ph.D students enrolled (Including Ph.D Integrated students)

Total no. of students enrolled for the doctoral program till previous academic year i.e. 2016-17 (excluding fresh admission made in academic year 2019-20)

Ph.D (Student pursuing doctoral program till 2019-20; Students admitted in the academic year 2020-21 should not be entered here.)

No. of Male Students No. of Female Students Total Students Within State (Including male & female) Outside State (Including male & female) Outside Country (Including male & female) Economically Backward (Including male & female) Socially Challenged (SC+ST+OBC Including male & female)
Full Time 276
Part Time 723

No. of Ph.D students graduated (including Integrated Ph.D)

2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
Full Time 5 8 5
Part Time 23 16 20

Financial Resources: Utilised Amount for the Capital & Operational expenditure for previous 3 years
Financial Year 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
Utilised Amount Utilised Amount Utilised Amount
Annual Capital Expenditure on Academic Activities and Resources (excluding expenditure on buildings)
Library ( Books, Journals and e-Resources only) 6955122 (sixty Nine lakhs fifty five thousand one hundred twenty two) 5555802 (fifty five lakhs fifty five thousand eight hundred and two) 4727138 (forty seven lakhs twenty seven thousand one hundred and thirty eight)
New Equipment and software for Laboratories 37908729 (Three crores seventy nine lakhs eight thousand seven hundred and twenty nine) 30109875 (three crores one lakh nine thousand eight hundred and seventy five) 8357147 (eighty three lakhs fifty seven thousand one hundred and forty seven)
Engineering Workshops (Equipment, tools and accessories procured for workshop as per the need of curricula) 2228400 (twenty two lakhs twenty eight thousand four hundred) 1203000 (twelve lakhs three thousan) 613000 (six lakhs thirteen thousand)
Studios 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero)
Other expenditure on creation of Capital Assets  (For setting up classrooms, seminar hall, conference hall , library, Lab, Engg workshops excluding expenditure on Land and Building) 12970048 (one crore twenty nine lakhs seventy thousand forty eight) 8560090 (Eighty five lakhs fifty six thousand ninty) 2994693 (Twenty Nine Lakhs Ninty four Thousand Six hundred and Ninty Three)
Annual Operational Expenditure
A. Salary of Teaching Staff
B.Salary of Non Teaching Staff
473922507 (Fourty seven crores thirty nine lakhs twenty two thousand five hundred seven) 471531519 (Forty Seven crores fifteen lakhs thirty one thousand five hundred and ninteen) 281177075 (twenty eight crores eleven lakhs seventy seven thousand seventy five)
Maintenance of Academic Infrastructure or consumables and other running expenditures  (excluding maintenance of hostels and allied services,rent of the building, depreciation cost, etc) 10240086 (one crore two lakhs forty thousand eighty six) 8514172 (eighty five lakhs fourteen thousand one hundred and seventy two) 2310500 (twenty three lakhs ten thousand five hundred)
National/ International level Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops/Symposia conducted by the institute 13248920 (One crore thirty two lakhs forty eight thousand nine hundred twenty) 12100987 (one crore twenty one lakhs nine hundred and eighty seven) 1430100 (fourteen lakhs thirty thousand one hundred)
Total actual students strength in the corresponding academic year. 0 0 0

Village Adoption
Calendar year 2019 2018 2017
Sponsored Research Details (Only related to ENGINEERING)
Financial Year 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
41 32 23
25 21 11
171576500 134319000 26260800
seventeen crores fifteen lakhs seventy six thousand five hundred Thirteen crores forty three lakhs ninteen thousand two crore sixty two lakhs sixty thousand eight hundred
Consultancy Project Details (Only related to ENGINEERING)
Financial Year 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
212 201 145
56 52 35
73002050 62144000 30120850
seven crores thirty lakhs two thousand fifty six crores twenty one lakh forty four thousand three crores one lakh twenty thousand eighty fifty
PCS Facilities: Facilities of physically challenged students
1. Do your institution buildings have Lifts/Ramps? Yes, more than 80% of the buildings
2. Does your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? No
2. Do your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? Yes
3. Do your institution buildings have specially designed toilets for handicapped students? Yes, more than 60% of the buildings
5. Do you have Braille lab / special lab for blind / handicapped students? Yes
6. Do you have special facilities for blind students(such as text to audio convertor, screen magnification software, special provision for examination)? Yes

Awards Details
S.No. Name of the Faculty Name of the Award Name of the Central government agency/international agencies from where award has been received Address of the Agency giving award Contact Email ID of the Agency Year of receiving award Email ID of the faculty Contact no. of the faculty Is it Fellowship?(Yes/No)
S.No. Name of the Student/Name of the Team Name of the Award Name of International Institution/Organisation from where the award has been received Address of the Agency giving award Contact Email ID of the Agency Year of receiving award Email ID of the student Contact no. of the student
Faculty Details
SrnoNameAgeDesignationGenderQualificationExperience (In Months)Is Associated Last YearCurrently working with institution?Joining DateLeaving DateAssociation type
1Dr P THIRUPATHI40Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D179YesYes08-09-2008---Adhoc / Contractual
2Prof Sriram Venkatesh54ProfessorMalePh.D324YesYes11-08-1997---Regular
3Prof P V N Prasad60ProfessorMalePh.D407YesYes27-01-1987---Regular
4Sri S Rambabu58Associate ProfessorMaleM.Tech396YesYes16-11-1989---Regular
5Mr I Govardhana Rao36Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.167YesYes13-07-2009---Adhoc / Contractual
6Mr G Venkateshwarulu48Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.216YesYes26-11-2007---Adhoc / Contractual
7Prof Ananta Raj66ProfessorMalePh.D357YesYes17-09-2016---Adhoc / Contractual
8Mr G Kiran Kumar32Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech119YesYes02-08-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
9Dr B Ashok37Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D122YesYes06-09-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
10Prof S Sameen Fatima61ProfessorFemalePh.D451YesNo01-02-198431-10-2018Adhoc / Contractual
11Prof P Raja Sekhar51ProfessorMalePh.D276YesYes29-07-1997---Regular
12Dr V B Narsimha49Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D90YesYes04-09-2013---Regular
13Dr L Nirmala Devi46Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D228YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
14Dr P Naveen Kumar43Associate ProfessorMalePh.D276YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
15Mr K Satyanaranyana50Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech192YesYes01-07-2004---Adhoc / Contractual
16Prof P Premchand60ProfessorMalePh.D357YesYes09-10-1991---Regular
17Dr V Uma Maheshwar50Associate ProfessorMalePh.D336YesYes08-11-1997---Regular
18Dr E Vidya Sagar47Associate ProfessorMalePh.D276YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
19Mrs N Srilatha38Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.E.168YesYes25-06-2007---Regular
20Prof P Chandra Sekhar 51ProfessorMalePh.D356YesYes27-09-2001---Regular
21Mr R NARENDRA REDDY33Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.96YesYes02-01-2012---Adhoc / Contractual
22Mr KL Uday Kiran42Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.180YesYes13-07-2007---Adhoc / Contractual
23Mrs P Reshma 34Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.104YesYes14-09-2012---Adhoc / Contractual
24Dr Dabbu Suman37Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D158YesYes06-11-2007---Regular
25Mr G Srikanth34Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech167YesYes02-08-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
26Dr A Bharathi41Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D95YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
27Prof S Ramachandram60ProfessorMalePh.D428YesYes07-10-1988---Regular
28Sri Ch Siva Kumar47Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.251YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
29Dr K Shashikanth51Associate ProfessorMalePh.D240YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
30Prof B Mangu45ProfessorMalePh.D225YesYes12-10-2001---Regular
31Dr S V S N D L Prasanna40Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D180YesYes12-06-2007---Regular
32Prof V Bhikshma49ProfessorMalePh.D300YesYes01-08-1997---Regular
33Prof M Gopal Naik48ProfessorMalePh.D300YesYes16-03-1998---Regular
34Mr K Harish34Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.120YesYes02-08-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
35Mrs P Srividya33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.E.105YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
36Mrs A Ushasree47Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.E.144YesYes12-07-2008---Adhoc / Contractual
37Dr M Shyam Sundar41Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D233YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
38Dr M V S Sreedhar50Associate ProfessorMalePh.D324YesYes06-02-2002---Regular
39Prof N Suresh Kumar56ProfessorMalePh.D384YesYes04-08-1997---Regular
40Sri M Srinivas37Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.142YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
41Mrs B Gayathri34Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Tech146YesYes05-07-2008---Adhoc / Contractual
42Mrs G Jhansi Rani34Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech132YesYes13-07-2009---Adhoc / Contractual
43Dr R Sandhya 40Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D192YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
44Sri L K Suresh Kumar54Associate ProfessorMaleM.E.358YesYes09-10-1991---Regular
45Dr M A Hameed 36Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D90YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
46Mrs K Jaya40Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Tech180YesYes01-07-2005---Adhoc / Contractual
47Dr M V Ramana Murthy51Associate ProfessorMalePh.D284YesYes07-12-1997---Regular
48Dr T S R V Padmalatha42Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D192YesYes28-06-2007---Regular
49Mr U Ashok Kumar37Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.107YesYes01-08-2011---Adhoc / Contractual
50Mr M Venkat Dass51Associate ProfessorMaleM.Tech358YesYes16-09-1991---Regular
51Mr K Venkateshwarulu46Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.258YesYes06-07-2007---Adhoc / Contractual
52Dr R Srinivas Kumar50Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D228YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
53Prof M Kumar50ProfessorMalePh.D297YesYes04-08-1997---Regular
54Sri M Venkateshwara Rao61Associate ProfessorMaleM.Tech458YesYes02-02-1987---Regular
55Dr K Harish Gupta36Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D90YesYes03-06-2013---Regular
56Dr Lakshmi Mantha50Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D254YesYes13-09-2009---Adhoc / Contractual
57Mr L Ajay Kumar37Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.156YesYes21-11-2011---Adhoc / Contractual
58Sri M V Ramana Rao46Associate ProfessorMaleM.Tech262YesYes20-09-2001---Regular
59Sri K E Ch Vidya Sagar32Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech73YesYes02-06-2014---Regular
60Prof K L Radhika49ProfessorFemalePh.D324YesYes30-01-2002---Regular
61Prof Rameshwar Rao67ProfessorMalePh.D436YesYes12-11-2016---Adhoc / Contractual
62Mrs A Gayathri37Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.E.108YesYes26-12-2011---Adhoc / Contractual
63Mr S VIJENDER REDDY36Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech120YesYes17-07-2009---Adhoc / Contractual
64Dr N Narsimlu54Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D137YesYes09-06-2009---Regular
65Prof R Rajendra48ProfessorMalePh.D276YesYes10-12-1997---Regular
66Mrs V Sukanya37Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Tech90YesYes01-10-2013---Regular
67Dr G Narender49Associate ProfessorMalePh.D288YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
68Prof B Sunil Kumar52ProfessorMalePh.D348YesYes03-10-1997---Regular
69Prof P Ram Kumar61ProfessorMalePh.D358YesYes18-09-1991---Regular
70Dr D Annapurna40Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D198YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
71Prof A Krishnaiah49ProfessorMalePh.D276YesYes29-07-1997---Regular
72Mr Kiran Kore39Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech132YesYes13-07-2009---Adhoc / Contractual
73Dr K Krishna Murthy Goud40Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D128YesYes08-03-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
74Prof P V Sudha47ProfessorFemalePh.D250YesYes04-08-2000---Regular
75Dr B Sujatha42Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D90YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
76Mrs P Anuradha50Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.E.288YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
77Dr R Hemalatha50Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D336YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
78Prof P Ramesh Babu49ProfessorMalePh.D312YesYes04-08-1997---Regular
79Sri P Lokender Reddy41Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech186YesYes13-06-2007---Regular
80MR R Rajender33Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.144YesYes05-10-2013---Regular
81Dr P Koti Laxmi43Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D186YesYes05-07-2007---Regular
82Mr M Thirupathi 34Assistant ProfessorMaleB.E117YesYes05-02-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
83Mr M Prakash33Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.96YesYes19-12-2012---Adhoc / Contractual
84Dr D Rajasekhar Reddy48Associate ProfessorMalePh.D240YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
85Prof G Mallesham42ProfessorMalePh.D216YesYes07-01-2002---Regular
86Mrs G Shravanya34Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.S82YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
87Prof M Malini52ProfessorFemalePh.D223YesYes02-01-2002---Regular
88Prof Narsimhulu Sanke49ProfessorMalePh.D252YesYes01-01-2001---Regular
89Dr P Satish Kumar45Associate ProfessorMalePh.D288YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
90Mrs U Suryavalli35Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Tech149YesYes05-10-2013---Regular
91Dr K Pranitha Kumari38Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D155YesYes12-07-2007---Adhoc / Contractual
92Dr P Srinivas44ProfessorMalePh.D216YesYes11-01-2002---Regular
93Mrs P Suma Bindu43Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A206YesYes10-07-2009---Adhoc / Contractual
94Dr B Sirisha42Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D168YesYes24-08-2007---Regular
95Dr J Upender40Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D158YesYes01-10-2013---Regular
96Mrs G V Naga Laxmi39Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Tech204YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
97Mr Md Misbahuddin36Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.123YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
98Prof K Shyamala49ProfessorFemalePh.D286YesYes01-02-1997---Regular
99Dr D Rupesh Kumar48Associate ProfessorMalePh.D315YesYes13-06-2007---Regular
100Dr N Susheela38Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D160YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
101Prof G Yesuratnam48ProfessorMalePh.D283YesYes13-08-1997---Regular
102Prof B Rajendra Naik44ProfessorFemalePh.D228YesYes05-10-2001---Regular
103Prof M A PRASAD 57ProfessorMalePh.D276YesYes29-09-1997---Regular
104Prof M Chandrasekhar Reddy52ProfessorMalePh.D300YesYes08-08-1997---Regular
105Prof M Manjula45ProfessorFemalePh.D283YesYes06-08-1997---Regular
106Mr G Kishore Kumar34Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.112YesYes17-09-2012---Adhoc / Contractual
107Mrs V Sreedevi57Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.163YesYes15-04-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
108Mrs R SWARNA LATHA40Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.169YesYes18-10-2006---Adhoc / Contractual
109Dr K Srinivas Reddy38Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D143YesYes30-08-2008---Adhoc / Contractual
110Prof V Pandari Pande62ProfessorMalePh.D479YesYes01-06-1980---Adhoc / Contractual
111Sri S Srinivasa Rao51Associate ProfessorMaleM.Tech360YesYes09-10-1991---Regular
112Dr Y Rameshwar47Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D188YesYes22-05-2007---Regular
113Prof P Ushasri48ProfessorFemalePh.D305YesYes08-08-1997---Regular
114Mr K Prem kumar35Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.141YesYes05-08-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
115Mrs G Sujatha39Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.134YesYes08-09-2009---Adhoc / Contractual
116Prof P Laxminarayana53ProfessorMalePh.D360YesYes18-09-1991---Regular
117Sri E Madhusudhan Raju43Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.180YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
118Mrs E Sree Shobha41Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Tech228YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
119Dr L Siva Rama Krishna49Associate ProfessorMalePh.D330YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
120Prof Boda Hadya42ProfessorMalePh.D228YesYes01-08-2007---Regular
121Dr D Ramakrishna42Associate ProfessorMalePh.D120YesYes11-06-2007---Regular
122Dr J Savithri45Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D161YesYes13-06-2007---Regular
123Mrs Pandiri Padma46Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Tech217YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
124Prof K Saraswathamma44ProfessorFemalePh.D240YesYes31-12-2000---Regular
125Dr T Nagaveni35Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D168YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
126Sri R Linga Swamy42Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech192YesYes08-06-2007---Regular
127Mr B Ramesh37Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.130YesYes08-06-2010---Adhoc / Contractual
128Mr RAMALINGAIAH K40Assistant ProfessorMaleM. Phil132YesYes14-09-2012---Adhoc / Contractual
129Mrs V Vani40Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.146YesYes22-09-2008---Adhoc / Contractual
130Mrs E Pragnavi32Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.E.92YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
131Dr P Jalapathi53Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D168YesYes15-05-2007---Regular
132Dr K Phaneendra44Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D192YesYes07-09-2013---Regular
133Mrs C Vani45Assistant ProfessorFemaleMBA152YesYes01-10-2007---Adhoc / Contractual
134Mr M Narender Reddy46Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Tech197YesYes01-03-2004---Adhoc / Contractual
135Dr Saveen Souda46Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D152YesYes06-09-2013---Regular
136Prof P Laxminarayana52ProfessorMalePh.D280YesYes29-07-1997---Regular
137Dr K Ramesh Babu47Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D300YesYes05-07-2019---Regular
138Dr Yadagiri Bhongiri45Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D144YesYes05-02-2020---Regular
139Dr Ch Srinivas51Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D336YesYes02-08-2019---Regular

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