A 30 hrs Training Program on “Python” 10 th to 20 th June 2019
A Fifteen Hours Training program on “Machine Learning and Big Data” 14th , 15th, 18th ,19th,20th March 2019
Alumni Talk 4 - Personality development and communication skills 02/02/2019
Alumni Talk 3 - Thinking Process Of Development in Automation Tools 05/01/2019
INFINITY 2K19-National Level Technical Symposium 1st and 2nd march 2019
Lecture on Transformation with Containers by Sai Vennam 7th August 2018
Lecture on Career Guidelines by Ms.Geetha Challa 06-03-2018 & 10:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.
3-day International ICITE-2018 11-13th April 2018
A Two-day National Seminar on “Internet of Things and Data Analytics” 23rd _ 24th March 2018
A Ten day GIAN course on “BIG Data Analysis for Humanitarians Causes” 27th Nov to 5th Dec 2017
A Two-day Workshop on “Mathematics for Researchers in Cryptography” 17th-19th July 2017
Alumni Talk 2 - Parallel Processing and Its Relevance to AMD: A Case Study 06/09/2018
Alumni Talk 1 - Lamp Technology 01/09/2018
Lecture on Internet of Things by Mr.Vijay Karna 12-12-2017 & 3:00 P.M.
Lecture on Serverless Technology by Mr.Sai.Krishna 16 -11-2017 & 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon
Lecture on GPU Programming using Open CL by Dr.Ch.Srinivas, AMD July 2017
INFINITY 2K18-National Level Technical Symposium 9th and 10th march 2018
A Two day workshop on” PRACTICAL MACHINE LEARNING & DATA SCIENCE(PMLEADS)” 17th - 18th Oct 2016
A Two-day workshop on “Teaching, Learning & Assessment Methodologies” 13th -14th December 2016
A 5-day Faculty Development Program on “ Cryptography and its applications” 19th -23rd December 2016
INFINITY 2K17-National Level Technical Symposium 3rd and 4th march 2017