B.E (CSE) Full-time 1985 4 years 60
B.E (AI & ML) Full-time 2021 4 years 60
M.Tech (CSE) Full-time 1981 2 years 20
M.Tech (CSE) Part-time 1991 3 years 30
MCA Full-time 1990 3 years 60
Ph.D(CSE) Full-time 1987 - -
M.Tech (AI & ML) Full-time 2013 2 years 18
M.Tech (Parallel and Distributed Systems) Full-time 2007 2 years 15

Program Educational Objectives for UG Program : B.E (CSE)

The following are the objectives of the four-year engineering program in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering.

PEO-1:To provide the necessary background in Basic Sciences and Humanities to build creative Engineering solutions.
PEO-2:To train students to acquire problem solving skills in the three major areas of Computer Science and Engineering, namely, Systems, Theory and Applications in order to pursue higher studies and to be successful in their career.
PEO-3:To expose the students to industry practices for building practical applications using software tools and programming languages.
PEO-4:To provide students with soft skills, managerial skills, high standards of ethics, and life-long learning capabilities.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) for the PG program , M.Tech (CSE)

PEO-1: To impart concept-based theoretical knowledge and to develop problem solving skills.
PEO-2: To understand the techniques, approaches and its application for design and usage of tools through illustration of Case Studies and simulations.
PEO 3: To empower critical thinking to enable innovative research in core and multidisciplinary areas and involve in lifelong learning process to solve real world engineering problems.