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University College of Engg. NIRF Report 2018-2019
NIRF Report 2018-2019. Read more. ..(Updated on 03-02-2019,04:15 PM)..
M.E./M.Tech. Students for Their final Year Projects. Read more. ..(Updated on 22-12-2018,05:05 PM)..
Start Up- Programes.
Start-Up Invitation. Read more.
Start-Up Application. Read more. (Updated on 15-12-2018,05:45 PM.
Exam Cell.
Results of B.E. III-Semester (Main) & II/IV (Main) I-Semester, B.E. V-Semester (Main) & III/IV (Main) I-Semester B.E VII Semester (Main) & IV/IV I-Semester (Main) Nov/Dec-2018.Read more.(Updated on 08-01-2019,07:25 PM)
Time table for M.E. (Mining Engineering) I-Sem Regular (Main) Examination Jan 2019. Read more.. (Updated on 28-12-2018,12:15 PM.)
Rescheduled Time table for M.E./M.Tech. I-Sem Regular & PTPG and III-Sem PTPG (Main) Examination Dec 2018..Read more.(Updated on 12-12-2018,12:30 PM.)
Revised Time table for M.E./M.Tech. I-Sem (Civil Engineering) Regular & PTPG and III-Sem PTPG (Main) Examination Dec 2018.. Read more.. (Updated on 10-12-2018,01:30 PM.)
                                        TEQIP-III Tenders            All News>>  

Rooftop Grid connected solar PV system.Read More.. (Updated on 31-12-2018,05:30 PM)..

Polishing or lapping machine.Read more..(Updated on 31-12-2018,05:30 PM)..

Desktop Systems.Read More.. (Updated on 31-12-2018,05:30 PM)..

CAM & CNC Simulation Software..Read more..(Updated on 31-12-2018,05:30 PM)..

Trolly type balance of 100kg capacity.Read More.. (Updated on 22-12-2018,05:30 PM)..

Oven of 60cm x 60 cm, x 6cm capacity.Read more..(Updated on 22-12-2018,05:30 PM)..

Electronic Balance of 1kg capacity of 0.01 g sensitivity.Read More.. (Updated on 22-12-2018,05:30 PM)..

Cyclic Load Applicator.Read more..(Updated on 22-12-2018,05:30 PM)..
Fourth Comming Events... All News>>  

5-Day School on Machine learning Deep Neural Networks and ASR(ASR-19) During (Fri-Tue, 8-12, March 2019.. Read More..(Updated on 22-12-2018,05:05 PM)..

A School on Probability Theory and Stochastic Process (PTSP-19) during Jan 21st -April 13th, 2019 (Three Days in a Week: Mon,Wed, sat).Read more. . (Updated On 15-12-2018.05:30 PM)