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M.E./M.Tech. (ptpg) Programmes for sponsored-2018-2019
Notification for M.E./M.Tech. (Part-Time) Programmes for sponsored/ nominated Industry Personnel for the academic year 2018-2019.Read more.. (Updated On 18-07-2018.11:00 AM)
Notice to 1st Year 2018-2019 Students
Reviced Schedule of three week Induction Program.
(Updated On 18-07-2018.11:00 AM)
Mandatory 3 Weeks Induction Program.Read more.. (Updated On 12-07-2018.08:00 PM)
Schedule of three week Induction Program.
Program Coordinators. (Updated On 12-07-2018.08:00 PM)
Documents, Hostel & Fee Details..Read more.. (Updated On 12-07-2018.08:00 PM)
Instructions for online registration of BE I yr 2018-2019 batch students. (To be done on 17th July 2018 at University College of Engineering,OU)..
Online Registrstion. (Updated On 12-07-2018.08:00 PM)
Academic Calender for B.E.I-Year (All Branches) 2018-2019...Read more.. (Updated On 12-07-2018.08:00 PM)
Academic Callender-2018-2019
Academic Calender for B.E. III, IV, V, VI, VII & VIII Semester (All Branches) 2018-2019..Read more.. (Updated On 26-06-2018.05:30 PM)
PTPG 2018-2019
Counselling Schedule of M.E./M.Tech. (PTPG) Admissions 2018-2019. Read more..(Updated On 10-07-2018.08:00 PM)
Results of M.E./M.Tech. (PTPG) 2018-2019. Read more..(Updated On 10-07-2018.07:50 PM)
Extended Notification of M.E./M.Tech. (PTPG) Admissions 2018-2019. Last Date Extended to 18th June 2018. Read more..(Updated On 31-05-2018.04:00 PM)

Invitation for Quotations for supply of Goods :
CAM & CNC Simulation Software..Read More..(Updated on 12-07-2018,04:00 PM)..

Up-gradation of the existing Load Test facility. Read More.
(Updated on 07-07-2018,01:00 PM)..

Asphalt Mixer (5 liter capacity)..Read More..(Updated on 07-07-2018,01:00 PM)..

Examcell News                      All News>>    
B.E. Results for (All Branches). Read more.. (Updated on 18-07-2018,03:45 PM)
M.E./M.Tech Results. Read more.. (Updated on 03-07-2018,04:00 PM)
B.E. M.E./M.Tech Notifications . Read more.. (Updated on 01-06-2018,04:45 PM)
B.E. M.E./M.Tech Time Tables. Read more.. (Updated on 29-06-2018,01:30 PM.)
B.E. M.E./M.Tech Applications .Read more..
Forthcoming Events               All Events>>    
4-Day Short Course on Advances in GNSS Technologies & Applications during 16-19 August 2018 & One Week School On Advanced GNSS Signal Processing during 20-25,August 2018.Read More.. (Updated on 19-07-2018. 12:50 PM).

National Conference on Advanced In Mechanical Engineering & Nanotechnology (AMEMNT-2018) during 29-30 June 2018..Read more.. (Updated On 20-03-2018,06:00 PM)