(Updated on 14 Feb 2018, 01:00 PM)

Fee Particulars 2018 Batch.
Notification of B.E. I-Sem 2018 Students, College and Hostel Fee Particulars of eligible TSEAMCET-2018 Candidates. Read more..(Updated On 11-06-2018.05:00 PM)
PTPG 2018-2019
Extended Notification of M.E./M.Tech. (PTPG) Admissions 2018-2019. Last Date Extended to 18th June 2018. Read more..(Updated On 31-05-2018.04:00 PM)

Congratulation to B. Dinesh Sri Harsha (Dept. EEE.) on Successful Achievement of 99th Rank in GATE-2018. (Updated On 27-03-2018.04:25 PM)

PhD Research Scholars

PhD Research Scholars Monthly report proforma for TEQIP=III Assistaceship.. Read more.. (Updated on 05-03-2018,02:00 PM). (To be Submitted by 2nd of each month)

To All UG, PG, PhD.Students
Time Limit to Complete the course for the students (UG.PG.PhD) from 2016-2017 Batch onwords. Read more.. (Updated on 02-03-2018,05:30 PM).
Cognizant Foundation Scholarship 2018
Application for Cognizant Foundation Scholarship 2018. Read more.. (Updated on 17-02-2018,05:30 PM).

Invitation for Quotations for supply of Goods :
Zinq Boards..Read More..
(Updated on 18-06-2018,05:00 PM).

TIDSP Boards (54x3 No's and 67x3 No's)..Read More.
(Updated on 18-06-2018,05:00 PM)..

Air Conditioner Test Rig.Read More..
(Updated on 19-05-2018,10:00 AM).

Reciprocating Pump Test Rig.Read More.
(Updated on 19-05-2018,10:00 AM).

Wind Turbine Emulator..Read More..
(Updated on 19-05-2018,10:00 AM).

Modification of CTM for performing load tests on soils..Read More.
(Updated on 30-04-2018,04:00 PM).

Xilinx Vivado System Edition..Read More..
(Updated on 30-04-2018,04:00 PM).

QualNet Software..Read More.
(Updated on 12-04-2018,04:30 PM).

19)Vx Works (RTOS) 7 plus platform, Workbench for system analysis, one processor family and BSP node lock (Intel Architecture)..Read More..
(Updated on 13-03-2018,04:30 PM).

18) RF Vector Network Analyser..Read More. (Updated on 13-03-2018,04:30 PM).

17) LVDT.Read More..
(Updated on 05-03-2018,02:00 PM).

16) WIND TUNNEL.Read More. (Updated on 05-03-2018,02:00 PM).

15) Modification of CTM for Performing load tests on soils.Read More..
(Updated on 09-02-2018,05:30 PM).

14) Pin on Disc Tester.Read More. (Updated on 09-02-2018,05:30 PM).

Vx Works (RTOS) 7 Plus Platform.Read more.(Updated on 12-01-2018,07:00 PM).

Examcell News                      All News>>    
Results of B.E. IV/IV (All Branches) II-Semester Main April 2018. Read more..
M.E./M.Tech Results. Read more..
B.E. M.E./M.Tech Notifications . Read more..
B.E. M.E./M.Tech Time Tables. Read more..
B.E. M.E./M.Tech Applications .Read more..
Forthcoming Events               All Events>>    

Short Term Cource On "ENGINEERING RESEARCH METHODOLOGY" during 18-22 June 2018. Read More.. (Updated on 11-06-2018. 05:00 PM).

4-Day Short Course on Advances in GNSS Technologies & Applications during 16-19 August 2018 & One Week School On Advanced GNSS Signal Processing during 20-25,August 2018.Read More.. (Updated on 19-05-2018. 10:00 AM).

One Week Faculty Development Program On Principles of GNSS, Applications and Research Areas during 04-09 June 2018. Read More.. (Updated on 11-05-2018. 12:30 PM).

One Day National Workshop On Current Trends in Construction Engineering & Management Practices (CTCEMP-2018) during 31st May 2018..Read more.. (Updated On 03-05-2018,01:30 PM).

National Conference on Advanced In Mechanical Engineering & Nanotechnology (AMEMNT-2018) during 29-30 June 2018..Read more.. (Updated On 20-03-2018,06:00 PM)

Applications are Invited for Project Staff
Applications for Trainee Technicians (Two) are invited to work on a consultancy project "DGPS Surveying",(Purely on temporary)  at NERTU, UCE, OU, by 18th November 2017. Interviews to be held on 23rd Nov. 2017. (Updated on 16-11-2017,01:30 PM). Read more..