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Commencement of Class work for B.E. 2nd, 3rd & 4th year
Results of Pre-PhD. I-Semester (Make-Up) Examination
Results of M.E./M.T.ech I-Semester (Make-Up) (REG&PTPG)
Results of M.E./M.T.ech (Old-Batch) (Make-Up) (REG& PTPG)
Results of M.E./M.T.ech III-Semester (Make-Up) (PTPG)
B.E. IV/IV (ALL Branches) II-Semester (Main) (R.V) Examination
  May/June 2016new
Notification of M.E/M.Tech. (All Branches) II-Semester Regular &
  PTPG 18 July 2016new
Extended Last Date Notification of M.E/M.Tech (PTPG) Admissions
Time Table of B.E./B.Tech. IV/IV (Civil/EEE/ECE/BME) II-Semester
  (Make-Up) Examination June 2016new
Notification of B.E/B.Tech. IV/IV (All Branches) II-Semester
  (Make-Up) Examination June 2016 new
Results of B.E/B.Tech. IV/IV II-Semester (Main) Examination
  May/June 2016 new
Notification for M.E/M.Tech (PTPG) Admissions 2016-2017new
Revaluation Results of M.E./M.T.ech I-Semester (Main) (REG&PTPG)
and Results of M.E./M.T.ech (Old-Batch) & PRE-PHD. I-Semester
(Main) (REG& PTPG) Feb-2016. & M.E./M.T.ech III-Semester
(Main) (PTPG) Feb/March-2016. new
Postponed of B.E. II-Semester (All Branches) Main (New Batch) and
B.E. I/IV (All Branches) II-Semester Main (Old Batch) Examination
May-June 2016. new
Revised Time-Table of B.E/B.Tech (All Branches) II-Semester Main
  Examination Old Batch May-June 2016 new
International Conference on Advances in Materials and
Manufacturing ICAMM-2016 new
Time Table of B.E./B.Tech. IV/IV, III/IV, II/IV, II-Semester
  (Main), B.E. IV/IV, III/IV, II/IV, I/IV. I-Semester (Supply). &
B.E. I/IV II-Semester (Supply). Also B.E. II-Semester (Main),
B.E. I-Semester (Supply) Examination May 2016 new