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One Day Seminar on Public Participation in Promotion Integrity
  and Eradicating Corruption(PPPIEC-2016) during 03,Nov-2016
Revaluation Results of B.E. I/IV, II/IV, III/IV, IV/IV I-Sem (SUPPL.)
  and I-Semester (NEW-BATCH)-(SUPPL.) & I/IV, II/IV, III/IV II-SEM
  (MAIN) & II-Semester (NEW-BATCH)-(MAIN) Examination
  May/June 2016
Two 5-Day Short Courses On "Global Navigational Satellite System
  (GNSS-16)" during 08-17 December 2016
Notification of B.E. IV/IV & III/IV (All Branches) I-Semester (Main)
  and B.E. III-Semester (Main) and B.E. II/IV (All Branches) I-Sem
  Main [OLD BATCH], B.E. III/IV & II/IV (All Branches) II-Semester
  (Suppl.) 2016.
TIME TABLE of M.E/M.Tech (Civil/EE/ECE/Mech/CSE) IV Semester
  (PTPG) Make-up Exams which are scheduled from 25-10-2016
TIME TABLE of M.E/M.Tech (all branches)II Sem(regular & PTPG)
  Make-up Exams which are scheduled from 24-10-2016
Revised Notification M.E/M.Tech (All Branches) IV Semester
  PTPG (Make-up) Exams will be conducted from 25-10-16
Notification of M.E./M.Tech. (All Branches) II-Semester Regular &
  PTPG (Make-Up) October 2016
2-Day Workshop On "Advanced Welding Techniques" During 21-22
  October 2016
Two day Workshop On"Good Concrete Construction Practices"
  (GCCP-2016) During 28-29 October 2016
2-days Workshop on"Design,Construction,Evaluation and Maintenance
  of Cement-Concrete Pavements During 21-22, oct 2016
International Conference on Advances in Materials and
  Manufacturing ICAMM-2016